Focused on the target: Pistol-Training for a medal at #YOG2018 | Youth Olympic Games

Focused on the target: Pistol-Training for a medal at #YOG2018 | Youth Olympic Games

My name is Giulia
and I’m a pistol shooter. Our sport is difficult because it is not just a matter of raising your arm,
but also a matter of mindset. It controls us, because if our head is somewhere else on that day, we won’t hit the shots, since it is our head that controls our moves. I always have a routine when I train, I always put my things in the same position, and I do this during competitions as well. I put on my ear protection and from that moment on I isolate myself from anyone else on the range. I train three to four times a week, where I shoot around 100 to 110 shots. I shoot more than at the event, because I
want to prepare physically and mentally, and during training I try to recreate
match conditions for myself. Our sport doesn’t really get compared much to other sports, because they say that we don’t train physically since we only need to keep the pistol raised, but in reality we train physically too since you need great balance to keep your aim steady. Good balance for me comes
from the stability of the legs so we usually assume
a posture with parallel feet in a way to counteract
the oscillations of our body. In pistol shooting you not only need talent, but also to train hard in order to achieve your goal. The movement we make with our arm
requires physical strength since we need to hold our
breath when we are aiming. So we need strength in the arm,
we can’t just go there and be relaxed. During the competition our head is very important, since when we’re shooting we can’t get excited when we take a very good shot or get too down if we take a bad one. We always have to keep a strong focus and so we play it to the last shot. If I compete at the Youth Olympic Games, winning a medal will be an incredible goal but I want to focus on the work
needed to reach my goal.

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  1. I don’t think that they should be allowed all of the equipment, like the glasses. I feel the same about archery. Look at them, they have bows, and then cover them in measuring gadgets. Feels like cheating to me.

  2. where can we watch the equestrian eventing rio replay? Could you guys upload it like you did with the london olympics?

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