70 Comments on “FN P90 ► Top 10 favourite depictions in videogames”

  1. The R6:Siege one is covered in tape so it doesn't reflect, sort of like a camo. But still is more useful when you see how many bullets you have left.

  2. You have a nice video and very nice channel. I am new in YoutTube and will be very very happy if you can have a look at my channel 🙂

  3. Are you gonna do a weapon showcase for "screaming steel" its a ww1 day of infamy mod that came out today i believe

  4. Por fin puedo ver de nuevo Youtube, no podía aguantar sin mi droga favorita de armas, bueno vídeo por cierto
    Ah se me olvidaba, un vídeo de la F2000 y la F2000 tactical no vendría nada mal

  5. jajaja, you need to see the p90 in the black game (2000), literally have 100 bullets per magazine, i personally gave anger when i saw that

  6. FN: Makes magazine transparent do you can see how many rounds you've shot.
    R6S: Covers it in duct tape
    FN: Am I a joke to you?

  7. Games like Cod4, MW2 and MW3; graphical engines were still limited back in it's time, despite being advance. Until Cod4 Remaster came into the mix where everything is all sleek and shiny with innovated animations on the P90 magazine which you mentioned on the vid.

  8. And the P90 finally came out for Escape From Tarkov: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjN4T_N8dxY Frost is gonna get a hard on with those animations.

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