Feature: Women’s Swimming and Diving Gets Involved In The Community

[Music] “ProjectSWIM” as an organization run offers free, volunteer-based swim lessons to children with disabilities in the Boston community. Members of the Harvard men’s swimming and diving team, a few years ago, founded this program and kind of just
reached out to a bunch of members on the team and we all thought it was a great
program and a great idea to like really get involved in the community. It really
does put things into perspective it gives me a time to just really bring out
the kid in myself. We often just like tell jokes to each other or play red
light green light games to just have fun in the water. It allows me to kind of put
my life on pause and forget about any challenges I’m experiencing at that
moment and just kind of let loose and have a really good time with these
children and make the most out of the one lesson we get a week. One young girl I worked with who initially was scared to get into the water put her, scared to put her head under the water and with swimming and your ability to
survive in water being such an important life skill, I really wanted to break that
barrier of fear for her and so with her each week and slowly getting
her to be comfortable in the water I think that was the most special moment
to just see her to transform from somebody who wanted to stay out on the
deck to somebody being able to like dunk and swim in the water I think that
was probably my most special moment. I hope to see more union between the men’s team and the women’s team. in keeping this program together. Getting involvement on both parts. I also hope we can do more outreach into the community. We have just a few families that really stay committed to us. I think its difficult to get our name out there and create a bigger program out of this. So I’m hoping to see more growth throughout the years and people step up want to see this program succeed.

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