Failure to Launch (8/10) Movie CLIP – Fall Guy (2006) HD

Failure to Launch (8/10) Movie CLIP – Fall Guy (2006) HD

Doing good.
This is having fun.
Aren’t we? (grunting)
you guys want
any carrots? Demo: Tripp,
you should call paula. She wants to see you. That’s enough, demo! A little slack, ace! Oh. Here you go. Uh-huh. Belay on. You know,
she’s hurting, too. She’s miserable, tripp. (hissing) Let it go, guys. (screams) (grunts) Ace! (tripp screaming) (screaming) (laughing) (ace grunting) Oh! (tripp groaning) My bad.

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  1. I've seen so many physiatrists try to over analyze this movie. And claim that it's a real life 'syndrome'. But than again every movie is over analyzed and ppl find something wrong with it. Also ofcourse lizards can't laugh. But why needlessly point that out?

  2. Ok Google is it really that important that you get your ads in on a 1 min video. That you refuse to play it without the ad for full 5 minutes of opening and closing the video?

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