Failure to Launch (6/10) Movie CLIP – To Kill A Mockingbird (2006) HD

Failure to Launch (6/10) Movie CLIP – To Kill A Mockingbird (2006) HD

How much is
this big gun here? (stammering)
uh, that’s a 12-gauge shotgun. That’s a pretty
powerful weapon. You know,
for a woman your size, I’d probably
recommend something
a little, uh, you know… More compact? So I just point,
and then I squeeze
the trigger and then boom. Yeah. What did you say
you were shooting? Twelve hundred bucks? Wow. How much are the bullets
for, uh, this? (laughing) Shells.
Shotguns use shells. Anyway. Whatever. Uh, they’re 15 bucks
for a box of 25. Okay, um, I don’t
need a whole box.
I just need… One. You know, I get sad sometimes, too. So many pressures
in life, you know? Can I give you
a phone number For some people
who can help… Oh, no. It’s like a hotline. Uh, listen, sunshine,
I’m not, um, Suicidal.
No, I know. I just have a problem
with a mockingbird. Okay, You can’t kill a mockingbird.
Why not? Well, for one,
there’s the book
to kill a mockingbird. A copy of that,
too, right here. No, it’s not a manual
on how to kill mockingbirds. It’s a classic
american novel. How do you not know this? I know
a lot of other things.
Give me the gun! No!
Yes! I’m not gonna
sell you this gun. Mockingbirds are protected
under the federal
migratory bird treaty act. Killing one is a crime. (whispering)
look, this is insane. I have rights, too,
you know. Or maybe you haven’t heard
of the sixth amendment! The right to a speedy
and public trial? You. You’re on my list, Jim.

20 Comments on “Failure to Launch (6/10) Movie CLIP – To Kill A Mockingbird (2006) HD”

  1. Jim: Well, for one there's a book "kill a mockingbird"

    Kit: Oh! copy of that too right here…

    it's just me dying of a laughter attack??

  2. lolol absolutely not, this is my fave scene too. That guy makes the scene just as much as she does ," No its not a manual on how to kill a mocking bird, its a classic American novel, how do you not know this???" lolol too funny.

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