Everything You Need to Know About Indoor Bike Racing | Zwift

Everything You Need to Know About Indoor Bike Racing | Zwift

– Hey folks, it’s Rahsaan. Today, I’m gonna chat
about bike racing on Zwift. Now you can find races around the clock no matter where you are
for various abilities. There are two types of
races, elite and non-elite. So many of the elite races
are procaliber races. Some of the higher professional
events are reserved just for professionals, but that’s okay. If you’re looking to Zwift and race with some of these elite racers, there’s ample opportunities for you. For example, you can join
an A or B level race. So these races are divided
into four categories, categories A, B, C, and D. The A category is the fastest group, comprised of elite racers. That’d be me. We have FTPs of four watts
per kilogram or more, so really, really difficult. The Bs are the next fastest group. Let’s just call them the experts, and the ones looking to take over the As. And the Cs are the intermediates. The D category includes Zwifters with FTPs less than two point
five watts per kilogram, and the D races are where
most beginner racers start their careers. Make no mistake, all of these
races are very difficult and most people err on the side
of less aggressive category for their very first race. Thinking about racing? A little homework goes a long way. Here are some tips. Now you wanna make sure
you’re hydrated and fueled before you get to the start line. Same goes for a fan, water,
and of course a towel. And if you like music, make
sure those earbuds are charged. Along with any device used to run
our Zwift Compainon app. I can’t stress enough how fast the beginning of these races are. So get a good warm up, and
be sure to grab a wheel. Yes, drafting works in Zwift and it will help you stay in the group. Know the course. The more you know about the
ascents, descents, flats, the better you will be
able to pace yourself. So here’s a pro tip,
you can find race recons of most of our Zwift courses
on our blog at zwift.com Now, let’s talk about the Drop Shop. It’s where you can choose
the appropriate end game bike and wheel set. For instance, when I race,
I love doing flat races, so I’m gonna get me a very fast aero bike with deep dish wheels. Maybe you’re gonna do a climbing race, so you wanna choose a lighter
bike with wider wheels. These marginal gains
make a huge difference, sometimes make up minutes
when you’re competing. Now be sure to use those
power-ups strategically. Do some research and make sure you watch
our videos on power-ups. If you’re in it to win it
and like to over prepare, keep researching. It would definitely help
you with the learning curve. But if you’re like me, and just
like to jump into the fire, that’s okay too, just don’t say we didn’t warn you. And that’s it folks. It’s time to have some fun,
and sign up for a race. I’ll see you out there in Watopia. Hopefully we can do a
little sprint together.

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  1. Cool video but man racing or riding in a pack on zwift sometimes feel like no mater how fast i am spinning or watt out put stil get dropped

  2. "Drafting works in Zwift." Yeah, right. Here's how drafting works in real life: when you draft it's easier to pedal, when you ride in the wind it's harder to pedal for the same speed/cadence/gear. Here's how drafting "works" in Zwift: whether you're drafting or not there is no difference in how hard it is to pedal, you don't feel anything, your Zwift speed (as in number on the screen) is just lower when you're in the wind. It has to feel the same way as climbing: higher gradient (less draft) – harder to pedal, lower gradient (more draft) – easier to pedal. Zwift people don't get it. After all the years of Zwift development, drafting feel didn't improve a single bit.

  3. Racing, make 110% sure that it complies to the rules, actually nah that doesn't matter anymore as they'll come along and change the rules to suit themselves anyway.

  4. Thanks Rahsaan, great video, you're an absolute Legend!! Thanks Zwift Team – you've helped me enjoy exercise!!

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