Every Year’s Most Iconic Video Game Since 1979 Explained | WIRED

Every Year’s Most Iconic Video Game Since 1979 Explained | WIRED

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  1. The fact that GTA isn’t on this list is an immediate dislike tbh. Like come on it’s just common sense at this point that GTA is one of the most iconic game franchise of all time.

  2. ET is infamous, not iconic, and the crash was more regional to begin with. Some better 1982 picks:
    Dig Dug (ARC, 1982)
    Joust (ARC, 1982)
    Pengo (ARC, 1982)

    AD&D: Cloudy Mountain (Intellivision, 1982)
    Dungeons of Daggorath (PCs, 1982)
    Pitfall! (A2600/Atari VCS, 1982)
    Microsoft Flight Sim 1.0 (PCs, 1982)

  3. what about GTA? anything can be forgotten but never GTA, it is one of the games that stands as a trademark of these two decades.

  4. TL;DW

    1979 Asteroids
    1980 Pacman
    1981 Donkey Kong
    1982 E.T.
    1983 M.U.L.E.
    1984 King's Quest
    1985 Super Mario Bros
    1986 The Legend of Zelda
    1987 Tecmo Bowl
    1988 Wasteland
    1989 Tetris
    1990 MS Windows Solitaire
    1991 Sonic The Hedgehog
    1992 Mortal Combat
    1993 Doom
    1994 Super Metroid
    1995 Command & Conquer
    1996 Tomb Raider
    1997 Final Fantasy VII
    1998 Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Pokemon
    1999 Shenmoue
    2000 The Sims
    2001 Halo: Combat Evolved
    2002 Metal Gear Solid 2
    2003 Call of Duty
    2004 World of Warcraft
    2005 Guitar Hero
    2006 Wii Sports
    2007 Portal
    2008 World of Goo
    2009 Angry Birds
    2010 Starcraft II
    2011 Minecraft
    2012 Journey
    2013 The last of us
    2014 Destiny
    2015 Undertale
    2016 That Dragon, Cancer
    2017 Fortnite
    2018 Celeste

    Happy Holidays!

  5. No Baldurs Gate II? Best RPG ever!!
    No EverQuest? Iconic multiplayer
    No Mass Effect? Game where previous choices impact future game play?
    Witcher III? Open world RPG
    Etc. Lots of games missing…

  6. Almost as bad as their Toys list. On that one they got some of the dates wrong (He-Man was released in 82, not 83), and here they missed out extremely influential games like Street Fighter II. Mortal Kombat would not exist without SF.

  7. The video game industry of the UK and Europe were not affected by ET… nor were they driven by consoles. Frustrating as…

  8. gotta clarify that journey was the 1st video game to get nominated for a grammy in the soundtrack category but not the 1st video game to get nominated for a grammy in general. civ's theme song, baba yetu WON a grammy in 2011

  9. Your choices for the 2000's era were absolutely wrong!
    Best selling games and the games that people still play online are the most popular so automatically they are considered iconic for more people!
    Games like GTA SA&V, PUBG, Overwatch, Rainbow six siege, CS 1.6&GO, half life 1&2, fallout 3&4, gran tourismo 4, God of war, uncharted 4, Red dead redemption 1&2, super Mario galaxy, just cause 3, the Witcher 3. they were more iconic in Thier years more then the games you picked!

  10. In 1992 They should have picked Wolfenstein 3D.
    In 1999 Quake 3 Arena
    In 2004 Half Life 2
    In 2007 Crysis

    Seriously. These are iconic games for these years.

  11. No Elder Scrolls at all? Huh? No GTA at all? This list is remarkably incomplete, and the metrics used to judge "iconic-ness" are not consistent. Could've been amazing! Instead, it's just cool.

  12. Really? 2013 last of us vs the fastest selling game to make a billion dollars?? GTA5 if you don’t know what I’m talking about because it’s not clear that you know what you’re talking about.

  13. Something that is iconic is characteristic of an icon — an image, emblem, idol, or hero. Audrey Hepburn was widely admired for her iconic style, her great fashion taste. Iconic often describes something or someone that is considered symbolic of something else, like spirituality, virtue, or evil and corruption. Good luck convincing humans that celest was more iconic then red dead or god of war lol

  14. It’s possible this slipped through the cracks for me, but I have never heard of World of Goo, and my main hobby over the last decade has been collecting, playing, a researching modern and retro video games. I get that the impact is for indie development, but I feel like iconic is not the best description for this game.

  15. shannon is a joy to watch and listen to. her giggles are infectious. this video made me super happy. thanks for posting it (:

  16. I feel like they put too much thought into this list, as a result there are way too many glaring influential omissions. Were there any racing games on that list?

  17. Many more iconic games are not included. I find it very strange that GTA, GOW, Dark Souls, Age of Empires are not included.

  18. This list is wack they say the criteria is is iconic games and games that make a impact on pop culture but then proceed to but game like That Dragon Cancer over games like Ovewatch that really brought Hero Shooters back….or Portal over Modern Warfare or World of Goo over Left 4 Dead that made COop shooters popular to this day like they left off many big name games to put on smaller indie games which yes can be good games but in the grand scheme of things aren't as "Iconic"

  19. I enjoyed the video, but I don't know how you can talk about the history of videogames without including Mario 3 1991, Golden Eye 1997, and GTA 3 2001 on the list. It seems like a list of their favorite games (which is fine), instead of the most iconic games.

  20. No Sid Meier's Civilization, Really???? The Greatest Time Waster of all time, the Game that originated "Just One More Turn". Or Assassin's Creed? Or Madden? etc., etc. But you choose games that had 9 Players world wide (Only a Mild Exaggeration for That Dragon, Cancer) or games that were poor knock-offs with pitiful graphics like Celeste or Undertale which is and was just poor, or Journey which was not revolutionary in game play or mood except in the minds of those who chose it for this list.

  21. No Grand Theft Auto? No Elder Scrolls? No Crysis? No Half Life? I get why 2001 got Halo but a mention of GTA III was definitely warranted…

  22. WELL! that's a museum im not going! very disapointed with this video…i really dont feel like this video represent the title!!

  23. Some of the comments are subjective but you said that your own criteria was that iconic was something that most gamers would know. You picked some goo game in 2008 that hardly anyone has ever heard of. That isn’t iconic. That is your own bias coming through. Fallout 3 is a much more iconic game.

    2016… Witcher 3. That Dragon was not iconic. It was niche.

  24. Wow, 007 Goldeneye is just a side note on Halo… even though it had way more ground breaking things than half of these games.

  25. Shenmue? Really? Gtfo. And what was iconic about destiny other than it being a total failure due to a LACK of content? The fact that counterstrike, Half Life, Crysis, and Dark Souls aren't in here is telling. Not to mention Super Meat Boy, The Binding of Isaac, Amnesia: Dark Descent, and Shovel Knight on the indie side. Some of the games they mention here, I've never even heard of before.

  26. The witcher 3 was not only iconic in 2015 but possibly the greatest game ever. GTA (not just GTA V but the original top down view game that started it all). Counterstrike basically started the competitive gaming industry. Pubg started the battle royal craze with DayZ not Fortnite. Diablo should be in this list also. And how about the game that created the term avatar? Ultima.

  27. Did she really say anime wrong? I mean I get not watching it. But does she really not know the words animation, or animated.

  28. I wanted to rip my hair out when they said Ocarina of Time is one of the most "popular" games of all time and then gave 1998 to Pokemon which they acbowledged first came out in 96

  29. I get that Pokemon Red and Blue would beat out Starcraft, but you should still have mentioned it.
    The game that birthed esports and is still has a thriving pro scene more than 20 years later

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