[English] Gran Turismo Pro-Am Race: New York

[English] Gran Turismo Pro-Am Race: New York

ladies and gentlemen good afternoon and
welcome it to the PlayStation Theatre in New York City where today we are
announcing a partnership between Michelin and Gran Turismo exceeds its
limits becoming the official tire partner of Gran Turismo michelin is a
company that has a rich and illustrious history having fine inventions including
the radial tire and today it has over one hundred and seventeen thousand
employees and a brand presence in more than 170 countries meanwhile Gran
Turismo is one of the best-selling racing of video games in history having
sold more than 80 million units worldwide across the franchise’s 22-year
run and with its latest iteration having driven 12 point 7 billion kilometers
that’s nearly eight billion miles in GT sport anyway without further adieu to
discuss this partnership I’d like to welcome executive vice president for
Mitchell in Scott Clark and producer of the Gran Turismo series Kazunori
Yamauchi welcome to you both thank you well it is fantastic to have you both
along so yami-yugi sent let’s go straight in with you what are the
benefits of this partnership between Gran Turismo and and and also in the a
championships Brando Center to section knee Dimas mommy Sharon was cuckoo
Nagaya Rondo the grandest wanna play so no miss
Sharon Alexi Ogando San Mateo no technology area no physics god grant a
smile Dona Sol ricotta gnudi are not driving in taganga the key mercy Arriba
FAI Gran Turismo Championships yo mo Yoli astrology Cunha Tai ya know it’s
Calcutta you know God decree anonymous so one is
that you know Michelin is a company with a very long
history and they will have a new museum section in the brand central of Gran
Turismo sport so and players that will be playing in Gran Turismo sport will be
able to really learn about the long and rich history of Michelin as a race
inside the game the other point is that Michelin obviously they have this
massive amount of you know technology really needed tires and implementing
that knowledge into the physics of Gran Turismo is going to allow us to have a
more realistic simulation in the game as well as providing more in more improved
facets of strategy for the players who will be racing in their vibrant with
championships it really is fascinating Scott let’s
welcome you in one really only has to look at some of the statistics of
Mitchell in within motorsport let’s never look 22 consecutive overall
victories in them on 24 hours more than 330 FIA World Rally Championship
victories more than a hundred race victories in f1 ten world titles there
as well and also it’s the number one global tire brand and number three in
the world’s most trusted brands as well so with all of these real world racing
accolades how does this status as the new official tire technology partner of
Gran Turismo support Mitchell Inns ongoing strategy well you know it’s
really important to us as you said Tom we’ve been michelin’s been involved in
racing really since 1895 so it’s it’s in our it’s in our genes and we and we we
race to to develop new technology and to demonstrate the superiority of our
products and over over the decades of racing and all around the world in all
different kinds of series as you mentioned we’ve amassed a tremendous
amount of data we’ve also developed our own very unique simulation capabilities
both tyre simulation as well as vehicle simulation and it’s really that that we
want to bring to our partners at Gran Turismo 2 to really fundamentally
improve the experience of the gamer to make it as realistic as we possibly can
to bring in a new strategy element to to the game and for us as well back to your
point on the strategy to really expose to
this this very large Gran Turismo consumer base the critical role and
importance that a Michelin tire can play and optimizing the performance of a
vehicle and so it’s a it’s we’re very excited about that it really is
fantastic and digital innovation is we know something that’s very much at the
heart of millions motorsport and development activities so
why do we decide to enter into a partnership of Gran Turismo what do you
think this also means for the Mitchell in brand as well well you know the
partnership of Gran Turismo is really a partnership of two leaders in their
field clearly Gran Turismo the leader in terms
of driving simulation racing simulation tremendous following and Michelin as you
said up front really the leader global leader in tires
the leader entire innovation and technology and so we also share both of
our companies share a passion for Motorsports for performance driving and
for improving the driving experience michelin our our our purpose is about
fundamentally improving mobility experiences whether it’s on a race car a
street car in airplane a truck that’s what we’re all about and we’re very
excited about this partnership gives us a way to bring some of our proprietary
proprietary capabilities and improve the experience of the gamer and expose them
to the missional brand so it’s a it’s a great fit certainly is well you sound as
part of this partnership michelin will be openly sharing knowledge with sony
over the next three years so how do you think this will provide Gran Turismo at
players with a new dimension of strategy and also performance within the game and some other career ensue neato I kill
you stick something come on do it at our assist 42 your motive as mocha gaming
like I do I take the Kaabah money Jokinen grey car physics simulation
motsek use the keymaster we have been pursuing the fraction of
car physics in the simulations for over 25 years now
all right there Matsui cut to the simulation a second
today mysteriousness oh my god is that how an ocean Minnesota miss me we’ve
always found that the most mysterious part of car physics simulation is always
the tires Nobuko nice Ankara uh no Kuni chicken
combo Grabbe German Dutch they can write a Titan or kuiba cemetery taro a coy
political system Hotel De Luca Toni Oh No
so those negara motor routes could extend a kodomo no miss Sharon no yo na
ma Tony in unidexter Mata Takeda Sumatra in a case at all
a pattern of spoons and a hunter entire day nothing external cut rigatoni on a
model sky automata tongs neck and in the 25 years we have been developing the
game you know we had always imagined you know what what are the physical
properties of a tire and and and we really worked out from your imagination
basically to determine you know how a tire should react within it within the
physics model but now that we have this partnership with Michelin with their
long history and the technology that they have behind them it really allows
us to you know create something that is going to be real and closer to the
reality in terms of our tire how attire should be behaved mr. McConnell putana
spot Suzy che mi a technological GranTurismo need a new salary photo not
a priori the other day you destroyed a subpoena a tie yeah – you know cake in
Tikrit oh my mercy yes gran turismo no ma nom become an emo
no a Prayag ah yes oh no Tiger Woods got the press driving suru koto de Sanabria
cactus Quran of hydaburg come on Sharon mediciney model syringe and I cannot
almond teams go through this partnership having that technology ejected into Gran
Turismo from Michelin will really provide a better realistic experience
for the for the players as well as you know private providing them them with
all the different strategies that will come with a more accurate representation
and I think you know having that model being tested and being played
by millions of Gran Turismo users around the world I think one day we will be
able to actually some feedback some of their feedback on regarding you know
what what they think about a tire and how they like the performance of well
Scott I think it’s pretty evident to see that maybe that Gran Turismo has
developed by people who have got a passion Absolut Motorsports you yourself
have a great passion for it as well explain to us a little bit more about
that well I’ve been at Motorsports fan since I was a kid and my father was an
amateur sports car racer and I’m passionate about all things motorsports
all things driving and as you said that’s one of the common characteristics
of our companies because Michelin is full of people who are passionate about
performance driving and it’s not just about you know racing so that we get our
brand name out there it’s about racing to utilize Motorsports as a way to
demonstrate and prove technology and stretch the limits on tire capability so
yes we like to go fast and we’d like to suck lap records as if you follow the
emphasis series this year every class every event track records are falling as
we’ve taken over that series and they’ve fallen by not tenths of a second couple
seconds a lot that’s that’s important but what we really get excited about is
pushing the performance of tires over time and consistency of performance
making tires last making tires that are more fuel efficient or in the case of
formula II more use less battery life so the things we get excited about or when
somebody quadruple stints one of our tires over 400 miles of them all and at
the end of that they set the fastest lap those are the things that that were
powered that’s why we’re passionate about motorsports and driving and how we
bring that technology ultimately to the consumer and ultimately make it visible
to the Grand Turismo simulated racer through this this partnership oh it’s
fantastic isn’t it and in terms of the partnership as well it’s going to be
unique that it will provide a true technical input within GT sports as well
so how what sort of impact do you think that will have in terms of real live
racing you know I think I think when you take the amount of data we’ve collected
over the years from different circuits different vehicles different tire
compounds you married that with some of our
simulation capabilities I think it’ll bring a whole new dimension of strategy
and and ultimately improve the performance in the realism of the game
and that’s really what that’s we’re both trying to do here it’s and it’s really
an exciting new digital adventure because nobody has ever done this before
between a simulated racing game and a tire manufactured to really bring that
level of realism to it and that’s we’re very excited about that
well in terms of somebody who’s been around professional Motorsports for a
very very long time and also racing yourself as I understand it what do you
think the Gran Turismo game represents within the sport of motor racing itself
well you know again I think the the realism that they have brought and to
simulate a racing is extraordinary and I think the ultimate testament that is the
fact that many professional race drivers use it as a training tool I mean my
goodness you couldn’t ask for a better endorsement of just how how excellent
the game is already and and you know real racing is is about optimizing you
know finding that extra tenth of a second how do i how do I get the the
right match between the vehicle tire and the weather conditions on the track
that’s we want to bring here and I think so you’ve just it’ll raise the the level
of technology and the level of strategy and interest in the game so we’re
excited about it and the AUG Sam what are your final closing thoughts on this
anything else that you’d like to add regarding this partnership McGrath do
not abuse the pasa no images any business the anomalous ambassador like
na kotoba como take a gentleman ASIMO michelin burrito to you guy deliver
higher educated authority a determinable mission ominous are no a most fixed oh
no chrono amok tickets to you know my daddy to you tenuous telling that i got
a motive in this so first off i like to explain about you know the me
gran turismo itself it comes from a horse carriage a type of horse case for
back in the day and you know from its very birth and beginnings gran turismo
has always been about travel and I have a feeling that Michelin actually has the
similar route where you know they have menu from very early on in their history
you know they had the Michelin Guide shooting your guide travelers on the
road and you know I think you know as two companies we have very similar goals
in that respect they are the most of the outside Sanwa intibucá Michelin had to
code on your clermont-ferrand to Yuma France no mokuba Monica Hannah
martini it sees Anna Christie master on the schedule more so Connie token Hannes
your studies the only thing I wanted to talk about was the experience I had when
I visited the Michelin headquarters in clermont-ferrand which is really dead
smack in the middle of France yeah I know mr. locota need a size Olympic
Peninsula under automata eternally Porsche gt3 RS Saira Bano esta ta de las
about high-speed or na na over there on itis name
I know it’s a second on on comedy mascara now there are all very Americana
in the bank amo houghton to three tonight
yes soccer o Manawatu cure the same guide a Hasidic Atari stance and when I
first visited the headquarters I know I was kind of excited to see you know what
were their gonna what are they gonna show me the first thing they showed me
was a a Porsche gt3 RS they put me in the car and I was on this high-speed
test track and it wasn’t an oval track the actually has s curves he has the
turns but hardly any run off no banks and I was going at full speed at over
250 km/h on the track as soon as I arrived there’s no motor no Commission
on that yet that’s got avatar in the screamo unleash an entire test drive on
it is the Cayenne and this net so it was super hero in this day akitaka nice oh
no characters really motivated karate result is also HD master and you know
think that that something that that experience reminded me of was just you
know I raised myself as well and on this entire so several times and you know one
thing I noticed about the character of their tires is that the Michelin tires
are always you know are always forgiving for the driver there’s the sweet spot
that it provides it is much wider than other ranges of tires that I’ve driven
on David you can kind of feel the philosophy behind the tire development
esoterica Hostetter Kenya now the critical status River Drive and touch
the kana Italian energy speed of available although driving I think I
want I to be retiring are not the minister and you know that’s what I
realized you know when when you test a car like this you know of course you
know they’re gonna make it so that you know the tires forgiving to the driver
you know it’s built so that as the faster that tire is driven more
confidence it gives to the driver and in you it really showed how it was
developed to achieve a mock treated or me to you
three hasn’t known Ostankino got they do now it’s cuisine matured on the scale
the more so the krelman guarantee ma sucah she mastered a decade they’re on
active core academic gonna cover the gasoline this unit and clermont-ferrand
is a town that’s at the foot of the pre the dome volcano it’s a beautiful city
but it’s not just beautiful you know it’s it’s a city city in town that gives
off sort of academic atmosphere you can feel it no no nickname recognized as the
auditory the postcard more clermont-ferrand much to listen yeah and
you know the Pascal the famous French philosopher who said man is a thinking
read he’s from the Claremont around area as
well yeah a repeater doorman you are mad uh no sister got Renault Kangoo Java
antennas and the Puente dome actually has a geologic research facility as well
oh no sweetest and S&S on raceway know a passion the Atari Arriva
clermont-ferrand – Masuka moto moto motivation Academy Cunha a key food
sweet tominaga manager on to Kaiser cut and Arenado my master de suite
Sakina Brando Mar Gran Turismo Agency vatos rocoto de magalhães magician more
URI a sophisticated Rita Ora Tahiry Brno a video game ode to the pataga educator
in our the road it’s ty Stevens so you know with that passion for cars and that
that miss one has and that that academic thinking atmosphere of the area where
they’re based in I think you know Michelin and ourselves working together
as two brands will really help to sophisticate Gran Turismo to the next
level and really you know ring the game or video game to a much higher level the
sophistication well fantastic yeah you too Sam and mr. Clark thank you
very much indeed so let’s take a look shall we
at the content that who’s going to be in GT sport coming up and available from
October for the players well welcome back onto
the stage here in New York for the venue of world tour three of the 2019 FIA
Certified Gran Turismo championships now Scott Clark I think we’ve got some
special guests that you wants to bring up absolutely and I’m very proud to have
the opportunity to introduce two special guests today the first has been around
for more than a hundred years he’s known around the world he’s iconic the iconic
representative of the Michelin brand and that’s bibendum the Michelin Man where
is he the second is also iconic and really one of the one of the greatest
Motorsports drivers of our time and one of the most versatile drivers of all
time somebody who is one at the highest levels of Formula one IndyCar NASCAR has
won some of the most iconic races in the world the Indianapolis 500 the 24 Hours
of Daytona the the Monaco Grand Prix he is also known to be an incredibly quick
learner and we’ll see today about that but he in his first time out won the
Indianapolis 500 first time won the 24 Hours of Daytona first year in IndyCar
won the Indy Car Championship so and we’re very proud of Michelin to say that
this person has and continues to race and win on Michelin tires currently he
drives one of the Acura Team Penske Daytona prototypes in the emphasis
series he and his teammate Dane Cameron have already two victories this year I
was telling him a few minutes ago I saw him a couple weeks ago almost get their
third victory in a very close second place but please join me in welcoming
mr. juan pablo montoya Juan Pablo great to have you up here on
stage first of all what are your impressions here of this event in New
York pretty cool you know first of all thank you for having me I think the
event is unbelievable I’m not I do a lot of simulator I haven’t you know I used
to play Gran Turismo when it came out I remember you know I probably never my
first time playing Gran Turismo with a steering wheel to play with a control
the whole time and used to spend hours at it so it’s pretty cool
it’s pretty cool to be here and it’s pretty cool to be with Michelin you know
had a lot of success in my life and a lot of it actually came with missioning
all my front one wins we’re with Michelin so I can’t complain this year
we got two wins with them as well and I want to say what he was saying about the
tires it’s unbelievable like when they said last year that Michelin was coming
in to replace the tire we had last year we were as drivers were all very excited
because it’s not a little different it’s like we go you know the four high speed
corners we go to say you know kids can do it too you know you need to man up
because the grip level is so much higher that is like how brave are you well
Scott mention that you’re a very quick learner that’s going to be quite
important in this program race coming up yeah couple laps I didn’t do bad but
it’s difficult because it’s very very tricky and I normally one of those
simulators I do I feel like the actual race cars so I’m used to like tons of
grip and tons of harvoni there are these seems to be like a lot of sliding around
and made it fun you know we’ll have a good time for sure great stuff on Pablo
well you’ve been a great teammate alongside you as well and I’d like to
welcome on stage our 2018 Nations Cup a champion Eagle Frogger Eagle 1 the 2018 Nations Cup in Monaco
and I can now exclusively also revealed that the 2019 World Finals for the FIA
certify Gran Turismo Championships will also be taking place in Monaco once
again that’s pretty exciting is it not absolutely fantastic stuff and well it’s
gonna be hugely exciting to see how these drivers will fare over the course
of this weekend and of course this upcoming pro-am race here in New York as
well I just like to thank yo you too Sam and mr. Scott Clark as well for joining
us up here on stage once again give them another round of applause and now we get
ready to introduce our program competitors so gentlemen if you want to
exit the stage over there we’re going to welcome on the remainder of the teams
here in Monaco ahead of this program race in a few moments time now you can
say on stage we’ll keep keep yourself and eat gore on stage there and we’ll
get the Michelin Man and you have a ut Center just exit stage left there for a
few moments time yeah I’ll take that from you I’ll grab that down there no
problem at all so we’ve got 11 teams competing here for this program race in
New York in just a few moments time team one is gonna beat one Pablo Montoya as
the amateur driver and also Igor Frogger in team number two it is Matt Gallagher
and Matt Simmons see number three we’ve got Anderson
Abernathy and then Nicolas ruble are making their way onto stage Nicolas
ruble are of course the winner of World Tour while in Paris and Anderson an
employee of the Michelin company as well team number four that is will Byrd and
Mark Pinole they’ll be competing in the Porsche 911
RSR there we are very best of luck to you gentlemen there the interest to see
how they get on to number five we have Sonya reeds and Nick macmillan so into team number six it’s Jordan
Greer from GT planets and Rios sir Cokie bun and into team number seven from drive
drive we have Mike Burnie and alongside here but will be cocaine Lopes in team
number eight it’s wet rez wet rent excuse me pronunciation there from
Autoweek and Bernie Val vervain in team number nine we have Steve Alvarez Brown
and McHale has ow in the 10th team we have Camille kills
looky-looky and alongside him is Cody litovsky and we’re running out of room
here on stage so hopefully we can fit all 11 teams in but the eleventh and
final team is Adam Ishmael and Sakuma Mia’s Oh No so those are the 11 teams that will be
competing in this upcoming throw and racer this could be hugely exciting to
see how they all get on in a few moments time so drivers will make their way to
the sleds but in the meantime let’s cross up to Jimmy Broadbent in the
comedy rocks who’s going to give us an in-depth guide of the circuit the
Barcelona Catalunya it’s a bit lonely out here without Tommy doing it’s not a
bit sad to see the Michelin Man not taking part in the parameters but hey
guys welcome up to the box let’s talk about the races coming up very shortly
our Pro Am race now let’s talk about the race format as you’ve seen we have our
teams made up of both a pro and an AM driver the pro drivers being our
superstars in their glorious red uniforms and young drivers oh maybe not
fair to call them all amateur drivers let’s talk about a couple of people
taking part and that of course I had the the the live chat open here and a couple
of big reactions for you guys first of all we have of course RAM shadow or
Super GT as he’s better known taking part in the event with Mick has L
someone who’s very familiar with Grand Chris may also have Matt Gallagher from
WCF one who hopefully will not have a chance to put dries on at some point
during this and probably the biggest name I think it’s fair to say a man with
more accolades than I can read out here Juan Pablo Montoya I could be of course
is going to be his biggest challenge yet he’s gonna be taking part in this race
with other program teams in the group free machines so GT freestyle machines
you guys have all seen before at previous events now it’s let me attend
that race here so nice easy race and the the race I don’t welcome back back up in
the boom it’s ten that race and as Tom said right now we’re gonna be racing at
the Circuit de Catalunya a slab look at that circuit more detail so here it is then the Circuit de
Catalunya located in Catalonia as I do of course just over 4.6 kilometers of
racetrack a circle a lot of you guys who familiar was at home and our guys here
as well overtaking zones and of course each of our drivers must drive at least
four laps minimum so the so the the format we tend to seal the thing we’re
gonna see is that the prototype are probably driving for six laps and we
have the Atmos driver probably thought before that come welcome back the very
nice entry crashed my way in this way and I tell you what this is gonna be
hugely exciting you’ve mentioned about the driver line up there Jimmy and well
you look at the likes of Juan Pablo Montoya eagle Frogger that’s a very
strong driver pairing you look at makalah’s al and super GT that’s a very
strong driver pairing you’ve spoken to Super GT Steve Brown as well about what
his tactics are going into this one I think they’re pretty interesting to say
the least they jokingly said that he was probably
going to try and make a the popular drivers surprised to find that when that
when that happens but yeah great feel to drive itself because I’m fair to go half
these guys and to be honest a lot of drivers a lot of experience you look at
like Jordan grey for example he’s earn a man who runs GT planning he knows Gran
Turismo inside-out and he we know how quick he can be I heart back actually a
memory of Jordan when he was in the 2017 launch of GT sport and he managed to win
that race against some very competitive other drivers so he could be one to
watch out for as well and he’s also got Ryota Koki Bunn alongside him again a
driver who we hold him very high esteem here in GT they definitely Jordan a
person has not very much luck in the media races is fair to say pop down to
juvie it’s a bit more information on our competitors
well hello yeah we don’t know for I’m sad I’m not up in the little skybox with
you guys but it’s the excitement down here is pretty powerful very excited the
GT family’s growing a little bit there with Mitchell in coming onboard but
let’s get straight to this program race I’m here with AMA God it’s Firefox how
are you doing Sania good good I’m excited yeah you have
you keen and happy ready to go who’s your target for this race would you
reckon I’m I’m I don’t know who we are we taken out I think Juan Pablo Montoya
is looking like a good candidate it’s gonna be our only chance ever to do it
so I mean let’s be honest yes this is the only chance you’ll probably ever rip
beat him in real life if you have a chance take it there we go all right you
be pretty confident though yeah I’ve got I’ve got Nick on my team I think anyway
you got this okay all right moving on we got camille
cherski who’s actually got cody on his team there who’s already I don’t feel
wrong to disturb how are you doing he’s really focusing right now quite
seriously how are you feeling Cody more importantly something very confident I
mean anything can happen obviously I goes to finish up there yeah
maybe you’re gonna take out who you got your eye on has anyone ever written
anything about you didn’t like super GT is right next to us so maybe we’ll do
something questionable but we’ll see I want a clean race but anything can
happen I mean it’s a pro-am right it’s cool all right let’s go find out if he’s
got some smack talk for you I’ll let you get back on and get prepared for the
race there so we’re coming around this way ah hey how you doing very good thank
you how are you very well I love disturbing them when they’re
practicing how confident you feeling in this program good thanks to Mick for
playing on pole for me I mean you’ve got Mick on your team so you like you’ve
done pretty well there yeah I think that’s half the job really just been the
best driver with me so should be okay best team yet how you feeling yeah I
feel like I’m blessed right now because me boy over here minty so basically for
the shadow realm team we are trying to give our best well good luck you get
back to practicing we’re gonna duck back here you know and see all the way here
we go hi how you doing I’m gonna come in
between you there there we go all right matt has game I heard none of
that how confident are you feeling in terms
of the amount of Snickers that you could eat I haven’t had any today so hopefully
that will improve my weight ratio as we go around the lap a bit like to know
that he did an entire video about like the cost of racing Riggs compared to the
amount of Snickers bars that you could buy and he’s not even a big Snickers fan
it’s very odd how are you feeling confident yeah we’re confident he’s game
time he’s he’s picked up really quickly so uh no we’re gonna be good everyone’s
very confident everyone’s kind of taking this quite seriously especially some of
the guys here right for some of the animes it’s quite not um I’m gonna leave
these guys to get on with it and let’s kick off this primary gonna chuck it
upstairs to the the nest what are we calling it up there guys Tom and Jimmy
waiting for the whatever we have no idea what we’re gonna call us we call this
place the heart of the wing the wing the nest sounds a little bit like like Lobby
yeah I tell you what though those drivers are full of confidence though
aren’t they there to be honest and quite rightly so
no definitely and let’s go over off start list as you’ve already as you can
see all our guys that we have our amateurs on the left and the pros on the
right again not really right to call off those guys on the left amateurs but 11
that cars take them to the grid here today 11 cars down and t1 should be
interesting it certainly will be by the way these that these lineups for this
race that the driver line-up is based on a free practice sessions they had
earlier on force afternoon for those how they have lined up so for example see GT
in his out on pole position here they are all lined up then ready to go racing
so it’s gonna be a rolling start here in this circuit the Barcelona Catalonia now
the first corner Jimmy it’s not necessarily that tight but we know that
it can cause some fireworks especially these guys going in with the clearest
view yep definitely a lot of guys out there of course saying they’re gonna go
for that t1 lunge so interesting to hear little McMillan they’re saying yeah
we’re gonna go for we’re gonna go from one tire down really in the sport of
fair play out I’ve always there could be a veneer you have you don’t become a
missile that’s the last thing able to do there’s Reed uh Matt Millen in the for
GT they live out they the fifth position alongside them it’s Gallagher and
Simmons we know how competitive that pairing can be but only qualified down
in seat position then rain and birdday in the Corvette c7 machine
alongside them its burden pillow Canadian driver Pennell there he is the
pro driver for that team there Montoya and Frogger so work to do for those guys
from the 9th position Jimmy yeah I mean I’ve got more earlier not many people
behind them so they’re safe down at e1 maybe we’ll see another place and they
are rounding off our great rolling start here of course at Barcelona but super
duty and the makers out leading off the field super duty I think in the car at
the moment is he is a yeah well they drive it all the drive the am drives at
starting I said before the start formats is the minimum drive time so I’ll be
interested to see if the guys are the top of the filter gonna try and get the
drivers in quickly get their pro in and then go for the winners you sent on this
has meant to be a fun race but the guys down there taking this rather seriously
understandably so as well crucially is well you can see the left-hand side of
your screen there everybody starts in the medium combat the hard commenter
tires rather except for the mediums of bird and pin on interesting tire stress
she they’re going on will that be a risk that pays off for them do we reckon no
idea I didn’t know we had a strategy of this race commentate anyway coming
around the last corner it will be super GT rammed shadow as you may know him and
taking the green flag in the Subaru just wait but to come out and there’s going
to be a rush down to t1 anybody’s games are just getting those times nice and
warm now waiting for White’s they go three two one and we are away for the
program exhibition race here at New York at the super GT put it to be leading the
field down to two you want that master behind as well but look at the Mercedes
in fir position already in the sit stream on the super super TT going to
the inside straightaway to defend the corner was like he’s going to lead into
t1 this of the master try and make a move around the
No Kalu’s he takes second place greer goes down into third matt gonna happen
support more reporting Montoya & froggin up at the bit position we’ll start from
those guards really late-breaking there from Juan Pablo Montoya I’m a 5th
position also Gallagher and sim are getting the better of Reda macmillan so
that car have read the Canadian driver in the field at the moment now down into
sixth place from their four position start also who’s being made further back
as well was burnup it’ll go down the order of the expense of Brennan Alberta
also his male at Mia Soto making their way up through the build run you’re born
here with the Montoya into the left-hander he’s got back Gallagher in
front of him through the left hander and then coming up him toward a bit of a
center slide there but career jordan career has it made a mess of his exit
going through turn number 5 and he slides down the order and look as well
being trauma there as well as Kalu see makes a Horlicks of turn 7 that allows
Gallagher and SIPP to come through it as well as Montoya and Froggy’s machine but
that is an absolutely dramatic matter he comes Montoya now all over the back of
Matt Gallagher in the slipstream here’s Kelly as surely Helio defensive in force
Montoya instead the long way round into the braking zone of turn 7 we go nearly
down the inside and down the inside for one below Montoya through a dove Matt
Gallagher here in Catalunya from night to second in the space of three quarters
of a lap take one shot map or mine that two must be overtaken by Montoya been
given these a massive f1 fan of course but that does Bert Montoya up into
second position now can he chase down super GT this question the gap already
up to four seconds of the front there Montoya making a hash that hits a curb
there gets inside waves just about going back up again but there’s a second
position he fought so hard for is now lost again he left try and chase
down Gallagher one more time but still despite that little mini Hoffman they’re
up to third after the first up here our leaders right now super GT looking nice
and easy at the front of the field they’re not had the chance to December
Montoya to the shanna rounds he wanted to earlier on as he was saying but I
think he’s happy enough to be out front leading they bought me tom kapsak racer
yeah 4.6 seconds at the end of lap waters are very impressive opening lap
there from super GT doing exactly what he wanted and needed to do here is back
Elliott now with a bit more daylight between himself and Montoya after that
mistake from Montoya even the final sector also on that first night we saw
bit of drama coming in at the ham pit of turn 10 that was to the Porsche 911 of
bird and middle so those guys coming into even more stripe at the end of
their first lap so things up going their way it’s all the wrecks down into 11th
position so from bad to worse really for that team as things stand here is too
loose key though behind the wheel of the Machine e’s have coated Akatsuki as a
teammate of cody we know how much of a fan of the mercedes he is so he’ll be
very pleased with the car choice that he has at the moment there is Jordan Grier
though and that’s impressive actually from Greer behind the wheel of that car
because we saw him at this point on the opening lap making a big mistake and
sliding down the order he’s managed to make his way back into fifth position
Jordan was saying before the race say who doesn’t do well in this race is
gonna get a lot of stick for it on the air back at the GranTurismo panic forums
and I think it’s probably happen again as
mr. Spence just got back we said the semester Mike Bernie they’re from dr
tribe currently middle of the pack in sixth position so we have a little bit
of g-rated right now amber FY phone screens the same person to my third
lifting I do because you have more power yeah
he says basically facts on asteroids you can’t take benefit these guys own bath they gonna be yeah
the boys they’re over mic Ferdie from drive tried shaking a bit I’ll tell you
our knees shaking a bit because he’s looking at this action going on in front
of him as well between career Kalu ski side-by-side they come down the
start/finish straight heading into walls turn number one over the proud the hill
the Bears are on the inside the Mercedes on the outside grid trying to attack
against closely is he gonna have a lunch there so one yes he isn’t straight into
the back of Colucci their ghost early as well
fantastic move there I said that also might burn your background coming up it
to fit position so bad to worse for grid but we’re going to try and do is good
they get some team radio our current leaders would be super duty and a Mick
as our will he be good that you guys surely down its Wars the right-hander as
well he received et and Mick is out what are they going to say to one another making some demonstrations to the camera
there as you can see meat while there is fern adjusted for placing here is kabuki
in the sixth position here is this male now he’s kind of at the pouncing tickets
got three drivers scuffling and that’s one another as thinks that they could be
in with a chance of taking advantage here has to be said as well these am
drivers ability of a minimum of four laps in this race in order to then
change over to the pro driver in it you can see there as well fur do defensive
against career down towards turn number ten we go career having his nose chopped
off there’s fairly defense the line very nicely indeed look at this male just
doing a little bit white out of turn ten does tell out key loose T to close up on
him as things stand but things getting very interesting at the moment at this
kind of two battles now going on it wasn’t nearly a full way scrap a few
moments ago now we’ve kind of tune our battles for several positions this is a
good run through so far in their business saying that I think he’s just
clipped the curb so bit of a commentators kiss right there as if only
gets a little wrong coming for the vajra came very easy to do that give it a how
high the curbs are let’s tie home all the way down the straight now but
meeting them in time veloute and if they are behind they’re having a great scrap
on board there with the McLaren two-strike I’ll run to the back of the
AMG and the stages coming down the straight Hill them go to the inside
coming down the t1 grabber take the opportunity this openly to later on the
brakes as I guess her slide through it is like he does in the background around
as well getting involved in kolinsky is he actually mob from both sides contact
there between the Mercedes and the McLaren and they get the call they’re
running into the back of the AMG and right now these guys are in the war 679
players right next to general track there’s gonna be a drag it down to t4
let’s see you lever down here here come’s who’s give the background inside
though he backs out there and goes inside contact with it’s my eyes I go
through as my all gets disappear and off onto the outside of the circuit bad luck
for it rock base Robert I’m a friend goes from 8th to sick place in a couple
of Corsica lose looks to the inside office
he’s got the girl in top they really are very exciting racy between all of them
and well I tell you what’s it smell they’re doing a good job actually of
keeping things on the straight and narrow after things look very wrong for
him is colluding down the inside in towards our left hander of turn seven
then through the right to turn a now ahead of the core beds they are also
very good stuff their rent about it down a petition as Kalu’s keep make some good
progress now this is the first opportunity for these drivers to change
over to their Pro drivers now the super gt2 and we were speak to him earlier on
and he said that he was going to after four laps and he does do exactly that
put because out of the car he said that he could be the fastest and the better
opportunity in this race he’ll say yeah as soon as I can I’m getting nicking the
car though it’s quick it’s so sickening now sets up they’ll medium tires now on
toy frog are also following in as well as gathering sim so frogs are now into
the car shipments into the machine ahead of Europe they will change over there
submitting branded Honda NSX out of it they go now and it’s served now eagle
Frogger behind the wheel all of the machine and will
Montoya all the t radios this is a position he’s not used to being and he’s
normally used to probably shouting at his crew member and now he’s going to be
in the position where he’s gonna have to talk to your frog reviewing some good
advice I crossed over the line there he guys saw that mate don’t think I wasn’t
watching the no one tell you how many students race at the moment all the ones
I’m taking severe actions we would have hit the water events of course but
Raghav there at the pitch in comes bed of the Porsche we’ll be sitting over to
the hard compound attire they’ve started in the medium so now we have something
that is quite familiar I think it’s fair to say we’re gonna have his out versus
sitting on versus see I used to sing that out on track
here is pink aisle has out then you can see a want to give to Brendan and at
Valverde following their contact on the plat number four so no penalty has been
given out but a penalty actually being given to gag Matt Simmons here for one
reason or another it’s got for a half a second up to a second so what would
assume that is for exceeding track limits as he does the game coming out of
number nine of cancer then it’s really clashed or rather I should say down into
Wars at that turn number ten we go now I see your Frogger down he’s the driver on
the attack he’s gonna try and close that gap that Gallagher but he’s four seconds
of drips over Civic Traverse should say who’s in that machine now but McCarthy’s
out the driver who’s leading the by and also increasing then advantage after
that pit so here is Eagle Frogger in third position navigate knew he was Rick Montoya about
a day ago was so quite a bigger bigger team I guess for someone that’s on my
fryer be quite intimidating teaming here meanwhile and the back of the pack we
have Lopez now who’s taken over and from Bernie in the Toyota making sweat by
couple of field in fit position miyazono in the background there and the verdure
of course Costa Rica touring car driver getting his elbows out as you would
expect him to of the inside there it’s gonna be announced over the first part
but you came though then try and go side by something just get two cards through
them about where they manatees it just about a little bit of door-to-door
bashing there and this out there that goes up into sick position that’s how
you do it mate nearly four corners side by side for those drivers as well for
safe place very exciting stuff they’ve got the smoothly into effect now will be
as odo be able to attack as they come down the start being straight against
Alberta he’s got the inside line will he find his way through not quite there
legs on the right without burning a little bit too late on the break team
misses the eight banks that have compromised his run through turn two and
will allow me as Ono an opportunity through the right-hander turn three you
can see how much more speed he’s got he’s got the inside line look like
there’s been a contact between those drivers it allows the cops Keating of
drawers side-by-side as well with Valverde
down in towards the right and we go nearly three wide for position very
defensive they’re premieres oh no hiccup litovsky RP inside versus Valverde and
he manages to find his way through but Alvarez could have the inside line again
down into more the left hander of turn number five lettuces of team radio 3.78 I think I did yeah it’s gonna keep it clean I think Miss literally said week so they
haven’t sleep see from very far away have they’re all apps
yeah it’s me on this game so here we are the back you see they’re
just discussing a little bit satis Emma what’s going on behind them right now
and that was a mirrors full of carnage of the background almost three cars
they’re going out army about their they sick we have millions seven front of
course of custody in eighth position someone who’s known for his aggression
and this magazine just getting closer together and of course the slipstream
down the strings are they going to help that immediately Lopez in the Toyota
goes to the inside free wide there come across the start/finish line we have a
cop ski on the inside McLaren in the middle and Bauer they on the Left uses
of Cabana the business a drag race down the t1 furs in front of Corsica
tries to go over both of these are the make easy on board side-by-side so with
my phony puts him off onto though and the green stuff Ursula costing nice and
aggressive through there one of the Stewart’s one look at that a lot but I
mean that’s a very opportunistic there from the cops giveth mere Mears on the
compact on the inside now is just placing your car in the right place all
the while Bob Byrd they in the background has looked to try and make
those faces back good stuff there from Bernie Valverde trying to find his way
through side-by-side he runs we coded makovski silver cops he got two
positions and he’s almost said to lose two positions down to the left and
return five we go valve early on the outside litovsky on the inside still
side-by-side they come makovski defense’s position Valverde has to duck
back into the century I’ve been doubled turned up a separ we go on board with
the Corvette defending is Kobe the cop ski gear whilst trying to a cat attack
against a goon but he’s got no way to find his way past
into the right-hander of camps over clatter we go very close racing indeed
nose to tail they run three drivers all struggling for position you can see me
as only a good defensive livanski has to go to the outside line
hiccup Farber they each sends it down the insider turns her buddy boy and
Lopez gets biffed up there in the drama as well huge drama here at turn number
ten in the pro-am race Lopez gets spun round Valverde manages to make a
complete halt each of his braking zone down into turn number ten you can see
the smile on the birdie valve I think he’s got no other opportunity if
he wasn’t laughing you’d probably be crying at the moment he knows what’s
coming that’s why these guys just getting themselves for the replayable
that but this time look at this so here is the secret on Lopez at the front
there goes thinks it’s called a normally about where they just goes from another
post cut the way that the shoe is probably under investigation take your
tape at the top of the screen they’re like it needs a decision I think
what’s gonna happen with that one don’t you mean one here is Igor Frogger now
behind the wheel of the Honda NSX these clubs that kept their points difficult
later Matt Simmons who is now behind the wheel of the Jaguar just in the
forefront of his shot now it’s down to 1.3 seconds meanwhile we’ve hardly
mentioned him over the course of this one
McArthur’s out what a great job he’s doing nine point four seconds the
advantage now sits the second place yeah piece of stoners thing out there and it
is driving around he likes being the front of the deal just making it easy
unsurprisingly that we have a slowdown penalty there for
I think the colliding women are becoming colliding is point lead but yeah that’s
robberies crisis I’m surprised about their days and part of the earth but the
Raptor company meanwhile on board with Fraga they’re getting a bit sideways
coming further these chicane that is a matter simmons em in front of course GT
Academy winner a few years ago there are some more that’s not distracting at all
although company very suggests I’m sorry can you talk so you can see the drivers
coming along the start/finish straight here is the Gallagher Symons cart look
at that gap you to come down significantly over the last back or so
if the last few that’s really more than anything now here on the penultimate lap
that your froggit is in with a really good shelf of finding his way through
against sideways Matt Simmons was there going through that right-hander Airy
good race and great driving as well from the Australian of course former GT
Academy competitor competitively can be but just not such a situation arising
for him in these group three cars here in this racing and see a penalty there
for valve early on the left has early history of course he’s now serving that
that’s why stopping down the as things stand so close to lap time
then said the batter for the race leader’s well it never has been a
battles with a clear-cut romp away for the rest of the field the super GT had
begun as out when this battle for second place really intensify here these
closing stages Jimmy it isn’t of course the Frog brilliantly the bad position
he’s on the subscribe off the attacker in front
coming up now to one of the better overtaking spots on the circuit now good
run our of t tempo fast right-hander then you go over the curb on the outside
now tuck into the slipstream see what you can do that let’s try that see if
frogger dips out now I’m impatient for now maybe try coming down the main
straight what about positioning your car despite the race you know the guy in
front he’s gonna try to defend the best he can but let’s do it down the straight
but there’s no denying deprived of grinia would have the gap desimilus
under definitely under threat right now but all their stuff really isn’t
fighting here disallows and easier rain firming us out
so the other onboard coming through the other right left Frogger
okay one out of there but then Simmons a little bit slightly on exit now dipping
into the SIP stream camp Frogger get this done here we go you’ll see now the
cars been close together as Frogger pulls into the draft at t1 is probably
there would be the best place to try and do it vivianne driver pulls up to the
back of Simmons will he go up to the other side here he does the last minute
late with the brakes not quite make enough though Simmons also breaking
there to try there just wait for either for making the move of that sideways
there both of them our t2 is a scramble to get on the bow and that for the very
very long right hand the team free this absolutely burns the front left our ship
is doing a bit like their Frogger now on the inside there’s my billet asthma
Simmons comes across defensive and keeps the second for now we’ll frog around the
outside no haven’t quite got the grip for that time very close racing between
them those is how they run down in towards turn number five isn’t normally
an overtaking opportunity Frogger my trying to bet something but I think he’s
gonna play the long game here you can see Simmons they’re going late
he’s got well why that’s about Frogger to go through here on the final lap
brilliant stuff there from eagle Frogger he pressured Matt Simmons into making a
mistake and he’s exactly what the Australian has done here on the final
lap of this Pro outrace the Honda NSX Montoya and Frogger now leaves in this
battle for second more importantly Tom coming into the last part of the
now the last part of that is Mick has now these guys are gonna be fighting I
think about four other scholars now spending away from Simmons a little bit
but as Mick has out and super GT now coming into the last couple of quarters
Miller makers out trying to end his curse of the last of second position
let’s see if we can they’re listening now well tell you all that the stats
attending to the races then say ATT and McHale is out to take victory in the
pro-am exhibition race here in New York for World Tour 3-1 Pablo Montoya and E
or Frogger finishing in second place won a great race from the Colombian and the
Brazilian here in New York third place goes away of Matt Gallagher and Matt
Simmons the two maps in third place on the podium
Jordan Korea and Rio to cope Cuba in four plays Kalu ski and makovski inside
that top five a look at this battle Jimmie all the way to the line for sixth
place great race up and down the fillers I’m still recovering from them radio
game we can listen in there is al there is Steve Brown otherwise known as super
GT I think they’re pretty happy with that one there Jimmy yeah I think thanks
of all they were a very strong team with what would do well and this the kind of
dominated this I just went away from the front now the end of it no chance where
I want to catch him but great to see you great to see them happy I think it’s
good for Mick as I’ve been of second places recently so nice to nice to win
something else yeah maybe it’ll break his duct we’ve got Nations Cup
qualifying manufacture Series qualifying coming up as well and maybe this will be
exactly what he needs to do we’re gonna have a look at some replays in a few
moments time here in New York as well in-depth piece together exactly what
happened during that program makes efficient race here at the Circuit de
Barcelona Catalonia so down towards that first turn well in Super GT who was on
the defensive already and managed to hold on for that lead in the first
corner this was a bit of contact as well with Montoya into the back of Matt game
here at turn seven we’ve subsequently sent him into the back of the car in
front as well here’s his mail and read in the early stage of fact that that
would have been Valverde rather I should say and me as Ono behind the wheel of
that car where there was three wide for a few
times and it got very exciting down into balls loose hair him not for the first
time or the last time that was an interesting move that Valverde who came
from the agency it again is yeah wasn’t really on they tried his best he what
would give me the girl unfortunately though Beth if they are mother that those down there of course is dying
that’s at the rights we had frog and chasing down Max Evans goes wide down to
the bottom of course their progress take second position which is where he would
finish exactly brilliant stuff and super GT and McCann is out taking victory in
at the pro-am exhibition race then here in the circular Barcelona Catalonia
let’s take a look shall we at the final results from of that race and just give
you confirmation of who finished we’re following the checkered flag or get
there for you just a couple of moments time but very exciting a great display
of driving as well from Steve and also Mick I want to say I’m quite impressed
with JP I said before we have some redoing the wheel before and Gran
Turismo he was up to was at p5 by t1 his moments were very impressive Paul that
one mistake that we saw him making that final sector was pretty good to do they
seamless train to sell that now just having a bit of a chat with other
drivers there think he seems pretty happy of himself down there I think so
too and well what a fantastic ambassador he
has been for Mitchell in as well and finishing on the podium is a great
result for him so Super GT in his out eight victory in the pro-am exhibition
race Montoya and Frogger in second Gallagher and Simmons in third places
career and Koki bunker loose key to the cops key inside your top five then
fermion Lopez Ishmael at Mia’s oh no Reda macmillan in eighth place inside
the top ten as well Rena Valverde burden Pinole in 10th position and then
Abernathy and then of course Abernathy and that machine it’s just a little bit
further down the order that of course is that leak was rubella they was down
there as well disappointed there for a needless ruble I’ll he’ll be hope he’ll
hoped for a better result but finishing down the 11th places he wanted to be I
think watch me in practice I think he kind of the am driver maybe not quite up
to the level of the guys at the top there and I think it’s except it was
interesting to see what the drivers going to do in terms of strategy pretty
much everybody pitched in on lat four didn’t they really just got the amateur
drivers out the way put the pros in the car and see how the race turned out it
could be realistic really you know if you’re on the App drivers out there you
aren’t gonna be as quick as the Pro drivers good I mean as soon as possible
and I was interested to see super GT coming because fathers at home I’d say
Super Duty is not far off the level of the guys here so I thought maybe Nick
would give him one more lap out there but no in on that for the rest I seem to
pay dividend Sydney really as soon as making out and that car he just that Lee
was at four and a half seconds pretty much a constant throughout Super GT stin
then we told making the car it increased in 9.1 seconds tell you what did well
very well it was about a four second gap which kind of remained that level pretty
much the entire time when the cars were keeping up with someone on Super Duty I
can’t do that the cough skis well we saw him involved in a lot of strife that was
a great battle going on for six position over the course of that race we came to
a head with Valverde making a complete mess of that braking zone there on the
turn 10 code in being involved in something that we’ve seen a lot over the
course of the World Tour event some of these work on he tells me but yeah just
being very aggressive as we’ve seen before
great action down team with free wide going over the line I mean that’s what
we want to see yeah we certainly did well it’s time to go to the podium them
for the pro-am exhibition race here in New York so you can see the Michelin Man
on the right-hand side of your screen so welcoming onto the stage in third
position it’s Matt Gallagher and Matt Simmons high-fives all round from the Michelin
Man and the Michelin caps on the podium there as well now time for second
position then it is one Pablo Montoya and Igor Frogger and the winners of the pro-am
exhibition race here in New York it is Steve Brown a Super GT and
alongside him of course Mick has out McHale has out trying to
avoid through the lid it’s been such a busy afternoon and Macau is out making
his way on to the podium there as well and a Thrustmaster TGT will of us be
like this the 10th frost monster wheelies got that – its collection addition principal accent oh yeah
all the drivers on the podium here for the prior exhibition rakes in and New
York then celebrations all round from the truck that’s steep on the left
inside be picture and makalah’s al as well let’s head down them to Julia shall
we Wow well done how do you feel blessed is he getting in the position where was
a help I mean you just speak JPM why just happened I guess so
dine on out on that for a little while surely overwhelmed clearly how did you
find it he was really interesting it was a lot
of fun you know him play a lot of PlayStation to be honest I think it’s
really really cool I used to play grand through my back in
the day when the first and the second one came out I used to spend a lot of
hours on it actually now I do like big simulators just for working Hut not
enough time to play but it was really cool and you can tell for his
awkwardness that he spends a lot of time in front of the screen you know race it getting to race with
the legend yeah I mean it was very very cool to watch it you know f1 race winner
and also like an IndyCar champion on the race you’re gonna be here for 10 minutes
if you go through all yes but it was very good to see him watch like life and
then see his techniques and everything it was very special moments Wow
congratulations have looks a big round apples for the winners there of our
first crab I’m gonna check upstairs now to top and Jimmy how you doing guys yeah
thank you very much pinch me pair to be up well Lester for Mick y’all his out I
think he’s pretty pleased with that one they go far really you know anything
Lashley motors guy from the boat is going but fantastic to see all the guy
from the podium great to see a bump up there as well of course let’s have the
old I don’t think you’ll appreciate there’s a good content for WTF what
isn’t it let’s go we don’t the next video is gonna be about isn’t it it’s it
really was absolutely brilliant and what we just stand out moment just pick one
very quickly for the race to I think just the free while over the line it
just goes to show these guys even in the pro-am race they’re gonna just go out
inside again very competitive guys great to see em race well don’t forget of
course the nation’s capital manufacturer Series events coming up here in New York
tomorrow of course for the manufacturer series on Sunday we have the nations of
the cup so whatever you do be sure to tune in
for the FIA certified Gran Turismo Championships here for World Tour three
in New York you

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  18. if it was for ther players gt6 would keep geting they`re dlc`s cars and would keep on going after the realease of gt pro, so .|. poliphony and sony, i left console play thanks to you assholes… you can cash cow idiots, fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you…

    1: gt6 after the realeased of the track editor, that was released into tablet, no longer updates whit new dlc or even vision gt`s cars was realeased
    2: playplus connection so players could pay only had to start to pay a yearly fee just like microsoft did all its console existence fuck you sony to that
    3: you buy the game, you pay monthly to play online on a shitty service, whit no good actual content
    4: microsoft did it ever since they released a console, even wen sony said that making console werent profitable you still made profit from that…
    5: if the game is like the previous ones will be buggy and lçaggy has shit has like it alwayus was back in gt5
    6: new gt game and ill fucking bet they will do the same fucking thing they allways did, new game fuck the previous one whit no new content

    …. so yeah…. this is my FUCK YOU to sony and poliphony

  19. Based on the "joke" Montoya made on the podium all I can say is that he's an idiot. If that's the best you can come up with in front of THAT type of audience then you are clearly in the wrong place. Kinda fitting that he teamed with Fraga though.

    I had to use caps because im watching this for a months, childish play.
    And i would like some normal answer. Besides spits.

  21. Only realised about this event through superGt channel. Even though I've been subscribed to both channels and Jimmy's channel for over a year.

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