(ENG SUB)[Team Sejun] 포핸드 기본자세 – 당신의 포핸드가 불안정한 이유

(ENG SUB)[Team Sejun] 포핸드 기본자세 – 당신의 포핸드가 불안정한 이유

This time I prepared lessons for 5 to 10 minutes. First of all, I’ll talk about things you know but don’t do well. Things you know enough to watch pro players play but aren’t really followed. For example, let’s explain what causes problems when doing forehand topspin or smashing. I will try to solve this problem by explaining the basic posture. There is something you need to know. That’s what I mentioned for a moment. The problem arises from the ready position. I will tell you what the problem is. It’s when you get ready in stance. Most people rarely spread their stance wider than their shoulders. What problem does this cause? If your stance is narrow in the ready position, your center of gravity will be high. Wouldn’t it be nice if this center of gravity was high when playing table tennis? Not good. In table tennis, it is not good to have a high center of gravity. Therefore, to lower the center of gravity, it is better to make the stance wider than the shoulder width. But if your legs are too far apart, you can’t run quickly. Therefore, it is not good to spread too much legs. Spread your legs slightly wider than your shoulders and open your legs so you can run well. Make this position first. Then I’ll explain the location of the racket. Many people are holding their rackets outside of their right leg. This will make my swing look awkward. And you can not give the left leg the proper strength. As you can see, the racket moves outside of the right leg in this position. But the correct posture should be that the racket is positioned inside the right leg. This way, the center of gravity can move well and rotate the body well. But if the racket is placed outside the right leg like this. Can you see it? Let’s do a forehand long in this position. As the body tilts outward, the movement of the center of gravity becomes unnatural. For this reason, always position the racket on the inside of the right leg. This will move the center of gravity well from right to left. The center of gravity shifts naturally. Third, everyone knows this too. Is that the center of gravity should be forward and the waist down. It’s a fact everyone knows. But, In the ready position, the upper body is leaned forward, but the more you hit the ball, the more you will stand up. Of course, it is difficult for amateurs to lower their posture like professional players. However, few people maintain a stable low position. I’ll explain why. When you play table tennis or when you are learning table tennis, the coaches say: “Lower your posture.” “Lean your upper body forward.” That’s why you try to lean forward. However, if you lean forward just like this upper body will be upright again. ‘Tilt your upper body forward and bend your knees.’ Look at me. If you do it this way, it will be hard, and your upper body will stand up again. If you try to force your upper body forward, you will hit the ball and return to your original comfortable position. Why is it so difficult to keep this posture tilted forward? This is because you want to tilt your upper body forward using only your waist. As I said last time, this is the right posture. Tilt yourself naturally with your weight on your big toe. This will naturally bend your waist and move the center of gravity forward. Only do this. Do not try to bend your back. Just add weight to your big toe. This will help you maintain a stable posture. Check your basic posture based on the preceding description. Based on this, I’ll tell you what to look out for when doing forehand topspin or smashing. When I teach amateurs, they often lower their arms as they do forehand skills. Of course, it is often seen in professional players. But even when their arms are down, they make the right position when they hit the ball. This is because they usually do a lot of training. What you need to know is this. It is good to keep the angle of the arm like this. If you swing your arms straight and swing like this, the movement is awkward. So keep your upper and lower arms as close as possible. It is also important to keep the racket and arms in line. This makes your swing more stable. As I explained before, I’ll narrow the stance and leave the center of gravity behind. Normally, as the rally progresses the ball will come to this height. To hit a ball at this height, the racket must of course be lowered down. So no matter how well prepared you are, if your posture is high, you should lower your racket. Of course, this case is rare. About this? The racket goes down like this. Let’s try a forehand topspin in this state. Is it hard to say that the center of gravity is moving well or that the posture is stable? Because your body position is too high. This will increase the distance to the ball. In this position, it’s difficult to deliver power to the ball and to move weight. As I explained, put your racket in this position. This time I’ll lower the racket to this position. In this state, I will show you how to reduce the height of the racket to this point. First, spread your legs to shoulder width. Then move your center of gravity towards your big toe. This will naturally form the correct height of the racket. It is not necessary to lean your upper body forward too much. How is my posture compared to the previous one? The posture is definitely stable. You can see me moving exactly like a machine. Let’s do a forehand topspin in this posture. Remember to put the center of gravity in front of you. Look at my posture and movement. You can see my upper body and body naturally rotating from right to left. This correct forehand posture helps your body turn well even during powerful swings. Even stability. The movement is natural and easy. What do you think? I agree with that. The center of gravity should be in front of the body to rotate naturally. Pay close attention to your racket’s angle as you push your weight forward and lower your upper body. This allows you to use the skills of advanced courses accurately and safely. In fact, this standing posture is so common in everyday life that it is difficult to maintain a lean forward position. You don’t live your life like this. That’s why it’s hard to keep your upper body tilted forward. But if you want to play table tennis better than you are now and want to improve your skills, it is most important to have the right posture. What do you think? It’s really important. Because the correct posture and the correct weight movement can be implemented more easily the skills of table tennis. There are some problems that you are worried about while playing table tennis. When using forehand skills, the ball can’t be hit properly or the center of gravity can’t move properly. There is also a problem that the ball can not be hit hard or the swing is unstable. These problems, as explained above, can be solved when you put your weight forward and when you are in the right posture. If your basic posture is incorrect, you can’t do the forehand skill properly. If you keep this in mind, it will be very helpful to improve your table tennis skills. Lastly, if you hit the ball in this position, you will feel far from the ball. I think many of you are worried about this. You want to hit the ball a little closer, but you often feel far away. In this case, you can think of it as standing. So if you hit the ball with the center of gravity in front of you, you can hit it closer. Closer and safer. You can even turn your body easily. Someone had asked a similar question a while ago. In that case, I suggest you check your basic posture based on what I explained. So when I use forehand skills, I think it’s good to be careful about the basic posture I explained.

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