(ENG SUB)[Team Sejun] 백핸드 쇼트, 드라이브 시 코스 변경 팁

(ENG SUB)[Team Sejun] 백핸드 쇼트, 드라이브 시 코스 변경 팁

Maybe you all know it. ‘It’s a basic theory.’ ‘Isn’t that easy?’ You may think so. This trivial but useful tip will give you a more accurate backhand skills. There are also some good tips for your swing to cover insecure problems. So please watch this video carefully. Most of you will be playing table tennis against right-handed people. So let’s talk about backhand strokes against right-handed people. In the basic posture of the backhand, the wrist should be lowered slightly. Suppose you lower your wrist with the racket head facing nine o’clock. Going further or if the racket head points to the eight o’clock position, can you swing well? -No.
– Perhaps you feel uncomfortable doing a backhand stroke. Does my swing look uncomfortable and awkward? This is the first thing to check when you have a problem with your backhand stroke. It is recommended that the racket head be facing this 10 o’clock for the correct backhand stroke. The good thing about this posture is that it also helps when you’re backhand topspin. When you backswing for a backhand topspin, your forearm will go down and your wrists will naturally sit together. For this reason, I recommend having your racket head point at 10 o’clock when you are using your backhand stroke. Also, there are people who move their rackets in this way when backhand strokes. If you swing this way, which part of the ball will you hit? Perhaps you hit the right side of the ball. If you hit the right side of the ball like this, the ball will face the opponent’s foreside. Many people are unaware of this fact. For correct back stroke, lower your wrist, racquet head towards 10 o’clock, and hit the upper left side of the ball. But you should not do it this way. First lower your wrist so that the racket head is facing 10 o’clock. Second, hit the left side of the ball. Racket head is at 10 o’clock.
Hit the left side of the ball. – Do you see me hitting the left side of the ball?
– Right. You don’t hit the left side too much. This is the correct backhand stroke. Most people, however, often hit the ball foreside differently from their intentions. Do it this way or this way. So I asked them a question. You have to send the ball backside. Why do you hit the ball that way? You are now hitting the right side of the ball and the ball goes to the foreside. Why do you do that? Huh? Am I hitting the right side of the ball? As you can see from this dialogue, most people don’t know where they are hitting the ball. Most people do that. So you have to be aware of this fact. This is a great help to improve your backhand stroke. I’ll show you backhand topspin position when professional players send the ball straight. In that situation, you’ll see your body tilting to the right like this. The reason for this position is to hit the right side of the ball easily. So professionals make decisions about whether to hit the left or the right of the ball, even in fast-paced rally. At the same time they even consider hitting the top and bottom of the ball. They make a variety of choices and play where to hit the ball. In fact, amateurs, especially those with less than five years of table tennis experience, are neglected. Most people do not know where they are hitting the ball. So when you practice backhand stroke, try to hit the left side of the ball. – Does this look easy?
– Yeah. Practice backhand strokes this way. You do not need to move or rotate your wrist when you practice backhand stroke. Practice applying only the tips I explained. Next tip. So far we’ve learned how the ball hits the left side. This time, I will explain how to change course during the backhand stroke rally. It is play that many people want to play. However, many people do not play like this. Why? There are many reasons. Right. A lot. But the common cause is that you can’t hit the right side of the ball. This will make it easier. If you want to change course while hitting the left side of the ball, just hit the right side of the ball. I will show you again. Hit the left side of the ball and then the right side. This will send the ball deep into the foreside. So if you want to change course, you can change the hitting point of the ball. The course changes depending on where you hit the ball. This way you can control the ball’s direction as you wish. But many people practice without knowing how to do this. So practice this backhand stroke with this tip in mind. There may be some people here who have questions. If my racket head is facing 10 o’clock, isn’t it difficult to use my wrist to backhand topspin? But don’t worry. When you backswing for a backhand topspin, you don’t just use your wrist to move down or move your racket. Lowering the lower arm in this position naturally creates a racket angle for the backhand topspin. If you lower the racket head towards seven to eight o’clock. In this position, you can do enough backhand topspin. When you see it, you can feel my movements natural. As I showed you, there is no problem with backhand topspin so you don’t have to worry about it. Next tip. Finally, if you suddenly want to change course to foreside during the rally, just hit the ball slightly to the right. This way you can easily change the course. In this way, you can safely choose your course. One more thing, if you can do backhand topspin, this is a useful tip. You can also change the direction of the ball in the backhand topspin rally. Rotate your wrist to the right, hitting the upper right corner with the racket. The difference between the backhand topspin depends on where you hit the ball. When you hit the left side of the ball, you can hit the ball more powerfully and quickly. Do you see the ball fast and powerful? But hitting the right side of the ball requires a more precise swing. Unlike hitting the left side of the ball, you need to pay more attention to the racket angle when hitting the right side. Due to the angle of the racket, professional players will be more impact on the ball when hitting the right side of the ball. Recently, I watched the game of Korea’s national player, Jeoung Young-sik He was really good at choosing the course while the game was going fast. Recently, the trend in table tennis has seen a lot of play suddenly changed the foreside course. But this skill is not easy. Because you have to move momentarily to hit the right side of the ball and you have to use more wrist strength when you hit the ball. Anyway, when you change course, basically hit the upper right corner of the ball. At this time, the body should be tilted to the right enough towards the direction to hit the ball. This tip is a great way for you to score in a surprise attack. Therefore, I recommend you to improve your backhand skills through the tips I gave you. The tips described above may seem trivial, but they are very useful tips when applied to a match. This is a great tip for sending the ball exactly as intended to backside or foreside. Isn’t it a good tip? Right. The forehand tip was good, but I think this tip is also useful. Which tip did you like better? Backhand? No. I think forehand tips are better. – Is that so?
– Yeah. Which did you like better? Backhand? Right. I think backhand tips were better.

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  3. 오 감사합니다. 항상 손목 자세만 신경썼었는데 코스는 그쪽으로 팔로 막쭉쭉밀려고 그랬는데 어디를 맞추느냐가 중요하네요. 힘도 덜들고 처음 알았습니다.

  4. 공이 높게 오면 백핸드 쇼트나 드라이브가 잘 걸리지만 게임을 하다보면 거의 다 공이 낮게 오더라구요. 이런 경우는 어떻게 해야되나요??

  5. another amazing tips, thanks! and since this has English title, this is even better ;-). by the way, you are really good at explaining the techniques, that are usually ignored by the coaches.

    i watched a lot of videos, but never seen this kind of content anywhere. again, thanks for your video, and keep it up!!!

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