Day 29 Total Body Warm Up for Sports & Exercise | Yoga Dose

Day 29 Total Body Warm Up for Sports & Exercise | Yoga Dose

– Alright, welcome back. It’s Day 29. So I hope you’re feeling
that through the challenge you’ve become more
connected with your body and that you’ve been experiencing how practicing yoga regularly can help you to feel healthy, strong, flexible, and balanced. And I want to make sure though, when you practice other activities, like your sports, or what other
types of leisure activities you do, that you’re not injuring yourself while you’re practicing these activities. So personally, I surf a lot and I skateboard and I’m
always tweaking stuff but because I do little warm-ups
before these activities, I’m less prone to inury. So doing a warm-up before your activity is really important for your body especially if you haven’t
practiced yoga that morning. I think mostly, people just wake up and do their activity whether it’s go for a run or whatever activity, whatever their sport is
that they practice for fun. And I think that without a warm-up because your body develops
superficial fascia overnight to lay over and if we
don’t get the whole body moving appropriately,
we’re more prone to injury. For example, if you
land on your foot weird, if the ankle wasn’t warmed up, you’re gonna be more prone
to spraining your ankle, tweaking your ankle versus if you were to do a warm-up not only will you have a
better mind-body connection through your activity, but because everything’s warmed up, the muscles are more
willing to fire to support your joints, et cetera. So whenever I go surfing with a buddy, I always notice or most often rarely does that friend do any type of warm-up. They just jam right on to the ocean. We can be really stoked
to go do our activities and this is just a short little video that I want to encourage you to do before the other stuff
that you do besides yoga to help to keep your body healthy, strong, balanced, and flexible. Yeah, so here’s that video. The warm-up video. The introduction has become very long but the video is not so long. It’s only a few minutes to warm-up for your activity. I hope you enjoy it. Hit the like button. Leave a comment and
subscribe to the channel. (slow instrumental music) Alright, so to start off your warm-up this seems weird, but
I’d like you to lie down. If you’re not in a place
where you can lie down, then you can stand with
your back against the wall. If you’re not in a place where
you can stand with your back against the wall, you can
just stand up straight and try to find this feeling. But, throughout the day, just to get to your activity, wherever time it is especially
if it’s in the afternoon, after work, et cetera the body has started to close off and all the tension and stress of the day starts to make the shoulders round and your pelvis tuck under. So just lying down for a second, or practicing standing up tall will help. I’m gonna lie down
since I got my yoga mat. But as I lie down, I let my pelvis go into neutral and I let my shoulders relax, my neck lengthen and then
I stretch one leg out like tadasana and then the other. So just let the shoulders relax, let your neck relax, let the groins descend, the hips release. Okay, then bend your knees
and roll over to the side. Let’s get right up to standing. And as you go to stand, look for your same, tall posture just like when you’re lying down. Or if you have your back against the wall. Or if you didn’t, then you
just try to stand up tall. Okay, good. Now imagine someone was lifting you up from a hair on top of your head, pulling your spine tall and then just start to bring one leg up and then the other. Let the hips release down so that the lower back is lengthened and let
yourself keep lifting up to your crown. So just starting to warm up our hips at the socket, get some movement for our big muscles and our glutes and our legs. And then stretch your
arms up to the ceiling up and down, warm up the shoulders. And then forward and back with your arms. And then out to the side and back. Okay, now imagine there was
like a little rope right here, at knee height and you’re gonna step one leg, like swing it in a circle, up and over, and the
other leg up and over. Like a trip wire trying to go up and over. So this is starting to
create some nice movement for your thigh bone and the hip socket. And as you’re doing it, still practice standing up really tall. So the shoulders get to release back. The neck isn’t hanging forward, head’s balanced up on top of the spine. Okay, now imagine that
little rope got lower and you’re gonna duck under it. Step to the side. Alright, then back to center. Next is a little warm up
borrowed from Tai Chi. Imagine that the, you’re
bending your knees and reaching down and scooping
up energy with your hands and then raise it up and over head. Reach down, scoop up. Take it up and over. Keep your spine nice and long
even as you’re sitting back. You can keep changing
the cross of the hands, which hand goes in front. Oh, skiing that’s another
good one to think of. Now set up your feet close together, arms out to your side. Lots of people skiing right now with all the snow in California. Turn your thumbs to point back. Make little circles with your arms. And turn the thumbs in and go
with inward rotation circles with your arms. And then make big circles. How good is this for your shoulders? How often does your arm get to move in big circles like this? And then at the other direction. You don’t have to talk to yourself like I do when you do the warm up but. Okay, then bring your
knuckles to your temples. And as you exhale, chin
rolls towards the chest, elbows in. Inhale, open the chest. Elbows back. Exhale. Roll in. Inhale, open up. Exhale in. Inhale up. Good, then arms to your side. Now watch the feet. You’re gonna lift up your heels and then lower them down. Up and down. Up and down. We’re gonna add a hand movement. Inter-lock the hands like (mumbles) and as the heels go up, take the arms up, and back down. Heels up, twist to the right. Back down. Heels out, twist to the left. Back down. Change the inter-lock. Heels up in the middle. Back down. Heels up to your right. Back down. Heels out to the left. Back down. Bring your right knee up. And then imagine that the knee is pinned and your just
gonna let the thigh roll in and out, like
you’re sweeping the floor with your foot. And then lift the knee up an inch. And then lower the knee down a few inches. Then, swing the knee out to the side and across. Practice standing tall
through your midline. So you’re strengthening your posture, helping to open your hip better by not hunching over
as you do the warm up. It also help with your posture
when you do your activity, your sport, whatever it is you’re doing. Then swing the leg forward and back. Feel the thigh just hanging
towards the floor feeling. Like a ball on a chain. Good. Then lower that leg, change sides. So first pin the knee and sweep the leg. You don’t have to use your hand. You might notice one side
hip is a little stickier. This is my sticky hip. It doesn’t want to internally rotate. And so that will effect your activity. You can get some better movement here in the warm up. Whole body is gonna move better. Then up an inch. Then down a couple inches. Then swing in side to side. Practice standing tall. And swing it back and forth. Alright. Last phase of the warm up. Hug your right knee up to your chest. Step for a little lunge. Lower your back knee
and raise your left arm. And then step back. Left knee up. Step back. Right knee up. Step back. Good, then take your
knuckles to your temples. As you exhale, bring
your right knee to your, I’m sorry, left knee to your right elbow. Inhale, open up. Exhale, change sides. And keep going side to side. And separate your feet wide apart, spread your arms like you’re
about to do a triangle. And reach towards your ankle. Come back up. Twist and reach to the other ankle. Other side. Other side. Other side. Other side. Come back up. Bring your legs together. Stand tall, feel all the energy moving to your body. Feel how open you feel in your joints. How warm the muscles feel. Man, you’re ready to go do
whatever you’re gonna do now. Alright, enjoy your activity and I’ll see next time. Alright, hope you’re feeling nice and warm and energized for your
sport, your activity, whatever it is that you do. And (clears throat) hey
check out my website if you haven’t already. I post a blog there weekly
with some information about yoga, health,
fitness, and also check out the handstand course. If you want to learn handstands, this is the best way to do it. You can do it on my
website, sign up for the handstand course and
let me know how it goes. Thanks.

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  1. ☼ Ah, right on! Tim, your warmups are fun and they really open and warm all the stiffer parts of the body. Thank you! Namaste. ☼

  2. Hi Tim starting the 30 day program tomorrow 1-30-2017 is there a warm up video that should be done each day before starting?

  3. Thank you v.much Tim. Great way to start New Year. Surprisingly lost 6 kilos in a month, without extra efforts. Thanks Tim.

  4. I did it thanks so so so much Tim. You are an incredible teacher. I look forward to many more yoga classes with you

  5. Well, this was a lovely surprise! Thanks for the warm up sequence. It makes sense to do a warm up right out of bed even when a person is not going to attempt any sports for that day. Sometimes you are suddenly in a situation where you might have to help a colleague move a desk, boxes or something bulky and if a person could do this sequence every morning, we might end up with less work related injuries!

  6. This was great! I did it in the am and found I still needed to add in some yoga postures, but this really made me feel open and ready to go do my other physical pursuits. Namaste.

  7. Excellent gentle warm-up to prepare for sports-specific activity or even just the general activity of the day ahead.

  8. This is a great wee warm up … catching so many muscle groups… Thanks Tim. This has been a brilliant 30 day course 🙂 🙂 xx

  9. Actually you should warm up before yoga. You are the only one I have seen on YT who actually does a warm up. Others are just a fast paced yoga. I injured myself not warming up before yoga and the PT said to always warm up before all fitness activities. So thank you!

  10. This is perfect!
    I'm quite "anti-stretch" before activities, and have sacrificed warm-ups as an unintended consequence. But I'll be doing this a lot.
    Now off for a run…!

  11. Hi Tim,

    Thank you for creating this warmup video; I use it every time I go to play volleyball, and THE body feels so much more supple, agile, and ready for all the quick and forceful movements volleyball requires.


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