Como ganhar moedas grátis no Dream League Soccer 2019

Save more personal video to the channel, Today I decided to bring you here.
What you asked me for a lot asked me in the comments,
They called me at WhatsApp, Facebook on Instagram asked me how
which places such infinite money in the game, Good guys, I’ll answer
here some questions first look. Primarily if you put infinite money
you will lose the progress of your game, of your old game … type your Dream League Soccer
has a very large progress and you want to switch to
put infinite money, You have to know that
You will lose everything here. and your team will start
from zero with the basic team, only if you have infinite money
and you have all player unlocked, you can set up the team you want,
so I do my team mods, I can buy any player here, can you see that I’m going to buy the
Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar, we bought three players here …
our money here will never go down, I have already explained here what can happen, so I’m going back here, I’ll show you how you’re going to install it,
first I’ll use the Explorer file, Are you going to download the download?
that I’ll leave in the description and for sure the link will download, then you will come here from a
side to side, drag and go down here and look for the download folder
after you have downloaded the logical link here download … going is thus compacted,
here infinite zip money you will click and hold on,
and here in these three little dots Down there in the corner.
You will go here and go to extract click OK and wait for this file to be extracted … now here is the compressed file
and here above we have the file unzipped, let’s click and enter it, Let’s re-click.
and enter it again and we will copy this folder here,
below copy click and we will come back one and go back
one more and come back again, let’s look for the Android folder … Let’s go on date … and let’s paste here
it’s really simple let’s go Android after date
and here we go, apply to everyone and write
let’s hope to finish I’m going to restart my Dream League Soccer
to show you that it will not bugar, that will not blow your cell phone, Good, I’ll open it here … I’ll show you here that
money will be infinite, can you see that I changed
my game progress and let’s see how it is … touch to continue … checking cloud synchronization, here is the team with infinite money
and you can buy whoever you want Now it’s up to you which player you
I want you to do it any way you want, thank you all
you accompanying the channel and until the next video
And abide with God I went

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