Como bater falta no Dream League Soccer 2019

Como bater falta no Dream League Soccer 2019

Another video for the channel, I’m going to teach how to beat today.
missing in Dream League Soccer 2019, the video will be short because it will not
has many ways of charging, I just found a way to hit
miss and make several goals, everything related to
kicking of the players I raised, so the kicks were
much better in collections, The method that I’m going to teach
to miss far, it’s so much for playing
online or offline, already to charge close,
only serves to charge offline playing, I’ll show you how
you should charge closely, here I like to charge
with players left, they charge much better the lack, select the corner you want to kick,
and only fill 35% of the force bar, again …
choose well in the corner, here is very near these faults, always try to hit
the goalkeeper’s angle, Such faults are always
the simplest, I think everyone
makes goal from that distance, just look good in the corner, Now I’ll teach the
how to hit misses from far, from afar you will leave the beam
in the second player and will charge, fill 50% of the force bar does not
matter the distance of the fault, here I will put a left player, again I will aim the beam
head of the second barrier player, always look at the beam on the player’s head, the force bar fills between 50% and 75%,
depends on the distance of the fault, the ball will make a curve
behind the barrier, the kick will be very strong, I’ll try again
with left player, the beam always pointing between the shoulder and
the head of the second barrier player, will not always work however
most kicks you will make the goal, It’s the only way I
I found to hit foul, I do not find any other way, again there at the corner, Let’s go again … You can not go wrong, that way you can
charge online and offline, hit the ground
There is more way in the game, remember when you filled the ‘B’ button, You do not have to do this anymore,
always end up catching the barrier, when the barrier moves too much,
you can lightly tap the ‘A’ button, The ball always ends up passing.
in the middle of the barrier, the video is pretty basic,
You can not beat it any other way, that was the way I found it, use players who beat
more placed on the ball, players like Cristiano Ronaldo
hits the ball with the instep, already Messi hits the ball with
kicks more than placed, so you can
make bows on the ball, if you learn the
I taught in the video and use Cristiano Ronaldo
to hit the faults you could not make goals, so always look for players
which baton of placed on the ball, in the left Messi knocks of placed,
on the right Neymar hits, then you will only need
increase their abilities, I hope the video can help you, and if you like the video let
liked it and subscribe to the channel, God bless the
of each of you. until the next video
and stay with God, I went.

68 Comments on “Como bater falta no Dream League Soccer 2019”

  1. Sável mando un canal de tutorial ele ele tava falando quem comentava salve i a aparece no vídeo eu era o primeiro a manda salve só que ele não me madava salve

  2. Esse foi o único jeito que achei para bater falta certo, porém escolham os cobradores certos porque se não, não funcionara!!

  3. Eu aperto o A pra bater a falta mais de 10 vezes é o jogador não chuta, no 2018 qualquer toque que eu dava no A o jogador chutava, eu fazia muitos golaço de falta, agora nesse 2019 NUNCA FIZ UM GOL DE FALTA, PORQUE O JOGADOR NÃO CHUTA QUANDO EU QUERO, SÓ CHUTA QUANDO O TEMPO ACABA, TEMPO DA COBRANÇA DA FALTA

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