CHRISTMAS Royal Rumble Special in WWE 2k20! K-CITY GAMING

CHRISTMAS Royal Rumble Special in WWE 2k20! K-CITY GAMING

what’s up everybody this is K-City gaming
and this you are watching our Christmas special Royal Rumble you ready to it
let’s go over our participants for tonight’s match that’s it Christmas
flash week so I’m entering it at this you’re entering in at ten grit we have a
big feud going on with the Grinch right now yes Santa over on our main channel
yeah the classic Santa Santa Rome since
Truman from the Nativity Joseph Scrooge you know who Scrooge’s Scrooge is the
classic character from A Christmas Carol Santa’s sleigh yeah that’s Christmas
Goldberg from the Christmas blockbuster rides of Skywalker kylo Ren yeah there’s
the Santa taker oh yeah decked out in his Christmas gear he’s hard in the
Royal Rumbles I’m telling you Hollywood I’m gonna call him holiday yeah he
protects kylo Ren got some rides of Skywalker Star Wars characters yeah Luke
Luke Skywalker that’s the Christmas turkey catchy King no all right you ready to do
this very interested to see who number one and number two are you watch our
last year’s boy horrible give you a link right up here and at the end of the
video oh we got Scrooge and Santa’s elf he
started off with a DDT these guys look a lot alike
they’re like the one of them’s wearing pajamas when I was wearing an elf gear hear that we’re throwing each other over
the rope both feet have to touch the bottom on the floor in order to be
eliminated let’s see who the third entrance is they’re just throwing each
other around right here Santa Claus now this is a mix of Christmas characters in
WWE Superstars so old Satanist there’s the classic Santa get him get
Scrooge oh he’s going after his own elf whoo what’s going on Oh see there
Scrooge gave Santa’s a vibrating armpit hand okay number four I know I’m number
five this guy since the trooper impact here yeah you have to expect to make
some noise this trooper shot the royal guard of
supreme leader kylo Ren it’s right who you rootin for what was Santa doing was
he meditating he’s gonna get rid of Scrooge get rid of him there you go
three two who’s this gonna be yeah that’s right it comes Monday Merry Christmas
everybody here comes dad’s oh look at that Santa’s
going right after me here comes dad city in whose case City care where you like
to do like the new t-shirt let’s see if we yeah you’ll see the new case sitting
here wait a minute wait a minute here what’s happening wait a minute what why
do I have a a white here wait a minute um yeah I’ve got a Santa beard on I did
not do that it’s like a cross between a Santa beard I got boogers in my beard
look at that I don’t know he’s good he looks remarkably like that
Scrooge character back there all right back to the action I’m gonna take out this sit trooper here
there is he’s in a Santa gear oh oh oh took out the rock immediately like a dad
sitting is Santa Santa beard yeah get out here old st. Nick
there’s only one room for one white beard you think I just saved Scrooge uh-oh something’s glitching out here
there’s Luke Skywalker I’m gonna get my signature going oh no I tried to do the
dad city shovel and he’s getting no driver
what help me look they’re teaming up on the syph trooper over there okay there
comes the Christmas tanker old man dad said this is like the dad city of the
future it’s like when I’m 80 oh yeah I’m wearing our lunch don’t
distract me with the Mertz talk no screws got me there we go weird one
oh he gave me an elbow to the knee where are you at come on sit trooper got me
come on Luke Oh L took out the Undertaker the UMP was going after
with WWE Superstars he took out the rocket no no no Kyle oh no Kyle Oh kylo
Ren took me out the elf took out the rock and The Undertaker Santa taker Luke
is nearly dead over there oh they’re good
avenge avenge my death sir well here comes the charge Spencer Oh Blitzen you
jumped in down the sides and they gave him the super kick he said that your
nail reshape he could do it twisting or drink all he’ll took him out he stuffed
the damage oh the El pass the super and it’s show cold you better get out of
there with San slay it’s the Christmas Goldberg oh my goodness
big powerful Kyle is gonna eliminate his own sister / kylo and Luke teaming up next square triangle right fist to kylos
mask Gupton they’ve got you oh you own the
trophy earn the trophy here comes Kane Oh slow-mo slow-mo super power that it
gets right back in wait a minute I’ve got Kane yes okay I’m going you know who
I’m going after Oh Kyle who’s got you I’m going after
this little bitty elf get it up here little boy go make your
toys no Morgan I’d rather be him do it do it get rid of Goldberg you got him back to
the L oh yeah let’s get rid of trade let’s get rid of
kylo see you later Oh slo-mo mode again Andre and little
black team enough to take out Goldberg I can’t select anybody except help I’m
stuck on the Elm I have to beat him up what in the world is happening these
phantom shots this Christmas Rollins oh whoa I’m just
gonna choke Rollins I can’t get anybody else who else is left to the Grinch
holiday Hogan I’m just gonna Chuck this guy up Oh drink coffee in the good Alfonso
Andre the Giant I think he wants Caine what chef taught
me set copy that was up oh he just threw the oh I think he killed him Oh oh now reverse it yeah Brian cannot get
Aundre Kanan Audrey gonna be shot come over here come on well he got you
he got you buddy I can’t I barely made it
Oh sacrificed myself Audrey kal-el here who comes to Christmas turkey Oh somebody get rid of that turkey very
hairy very hairy No come here call the goober I got the wave
Seth Rollins and I got a big right hand on during the job you better not get
eliminated by the turkey great great oh the Grinch is in but he’s going up
he’s going after a little flashy don’t like him event if you’ve seen her other
channel you know they’ve got a feud going we just destroyed his creatures
what get rid of that nasty old thing tell me you are living in the turkey I just
wanna focus I’m taking over a team I’m hoping for holiday Hogan come on holiday home look at Audrey trying to get the turkey
out he’s just got choked him and choke him
Oh Turkey overcame it what’s the matter with your leg I’ll see I got Joseph oh
no man it’s glitching ground legs he’s middle easterners he’s like the the
historical historically news from yeah something Andre jump sure skinny though I don’t know if he can take Andre there
you go come on Oh slow-mo puts two on drain Oh
No we put cigar display just put a finish you’re on Hogan I
don’t know something I don’t know what Joseph’s miniature is what in the world
just happened come here oh my goodness Joseph strong
he’s taking Andrej he’s also agile yummy
are they now I don’t know what just happened I’m
going after gobble to give her back I’d get rid of the turkey Oh dropped you I
felt bad Jesus in there for some reason they just did what did feel right if you
got eliminated that wouldn’t work with it
oh yeah run a bulldog drop on Santa Stroman Joseph is so quick let’s see if I can put my finisher on
Andre got it got it oh he’s the crucifix powerbomb
this is awesome what Joseph’s got because it adds Andre you got it you got
it are you kind of got it I’m gonna try to
I’m gonna try to get rid of Andre pick him up pick him up do your best stay
away from strowman is this it are these the finalists into the ropes that
couldn’t hurt that bad what look skinny huh he needs it he needs to eat
something for sure get the guide 20 is some protein shake
he’s a hard gainer he needs some oh I need some muscle oh there you go buddy
and see healthy yeah you’re in the corner yeah I call that the frankincense me oh
oh I missed him but still got him look how fast you know okay I’m gonna work on
this massive braun strowman over here you saved my life kick my butt okay
crucifix powerbomb on Andre yelling is not gonna help you yes it’s Joseph
versus two giants this is nuts man what do you mean messing around oh my
goodness yes go after the legs okay okay okay
all right Joseph you got this the crowd is rooting for Joseph
Santa Stroman get away from me okay doesn’t sound like Joseph at all what
are you talking about Joseph doesn’t talk like that powerbomb this much energy but he’s
definitely alone Andre that’s not Jesus yeah could be let’s see
he’s walking him over to the ropes I did not outrun Andre I did now out
road Andre so you’re in for now comment below let us know where you rooted for
to win this thing we got Joseph and Santa strowman
man he’s scary-looking thank Superman punch
Superman boy nice Shepard’s and push him out oh did I get him oh this is no good should have taken him out okay I’m gonna
go over here we’ll work the crowd up yeah I would do a little bit of
stretching he’s going down he’s going down
you wanna get ready slapper Unni slap her Unni there we go get him up against
the ropes there we go oh you reversed it more hey what are you talking about we
try to get him up against the ropes so I could do a phone come on where’s my
reversal I mean my finisher Oh sings you ready okay how about this you
need alcohol oh that’s nasty oh it’s so mean how about this how about
this no no no no no I’ll call that no room in the end there’s no room in here yeah that’s okay we’ll pick them up and
that hit here this don’t pay it you better pay attention snap miss the
Bethlehem snapmare pigma no no Triana trying it was it giving me the
option no no no no oh don’t do it don’t do it why did you stand it Superman
punch okay here we go come on I mean you got a
route for Joseph in this right yeah he’s the earthly father of Jesus and he was
Jesus’s and who is Jesus is real father that’s right and that’s what G Christmas
is all about Charlie Brown can’t overcome this okay get up and hurt his head he hurt
his head can you get up please get ready for this sir
get ready for this you think I can do it not this way not this way buddy
no he’s too heavy he’s too heavy looks like a change of plans here gotta change
of plans but I like the grip with slipping a bit that might explain no I
thought he just threw me out as dominance I need a Christmas miracle
here super Christmas miracle oh there we go now get it oh my goodness that was nasty now huh
now when we’re gonna do here we go I’m gonna pick them up and throw them out
here you scare me sometimes you scare me sir
there we go there we go winner of 2019 Christmas more local is Joseph all right
well thank you so much for joining us all year long there’s more to come this
year this is just our Christmas special one merry Christmas from Casey and we
will see you this week with more chase City game in action all right is are you
okay Joseph one were you here all right I
don’t know what to do with you man we’ll see you next time bye

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