Chiefs’ QB Patrick Mahomes discusses Sammy Watkins, Tyreek Hill, his sprained ankle

Chiefs’ QB Patrick Mahomes discusses Sammy Watkins, Tyreek Hill, his sprained ankle

I mean, we’ve seen it all offseason. I mean Sammy, the way he’s prepared
his body, the way he’s practiced. He really understands the offense at a
different level than he did last year, and so whenever he got his number called,
he made plays. I mean, the first play was race course, the whatever yard touchdown that was,
he was like the third or fourth read, and I was putting in his hand,
he made someone miss and scored. So I mean, just having a better
understanding of the full offense, I think, lets him play faster and you can
see that that offseason is paying off.>>Did you see something led
you to believe [INAUDIBLE] cuz it looks like he might have.>>Yeah, so it was a play where
Tyree obviously was the first read. And I actually was looking to Kels to
get open and Kels struck back out and he took that defender with him. So I just laid it out there for Sammy and
he made a great catch first off, and I mean, that’s all I was expecting. He kind of made a quick move and
shut off the speed. We were saying,
he’s back to his Clemson days.>>I didn’t see the rest
of the playoff but [INAUDIBLE]
>>Well, the best thing about this offense is, it
seems like if we can make one guy miss and the guys get open space,
they usually score. So once I saw him make that safety miss,
and it was just a foot race, I knew that he was gonna get there. I mean, obviously, whenever someone
with Tyrese ability goes out, you wonder what’s gonna happen. But the best thing about this team, and
you’ve seen it the last few years now is, whenever someone gets their
opportunity they step up and play, and we really pick each other up. And so I was glad the guys stepped up,
made plays. If f it was running backs, receivers,
tight ends, whatever it was. And so that’s just how we roll, whoever’s
given an opportunity to make a play, they make it. I just kinda rolled my ankle,
I kinda got stood up and I was trying to throw the ball away to
Kels and drop it to him real quick and they hit me, and
just kinda rolled under me. But just got it taped up and
was able to go out and finish the game.>>How did it feel to moving forward? Did the adrenaline sort of kick in? Did you feel like the energy [INAUDIBLE]?>>Yeah, I mean definitely,
the adrenaline helped out, of course. Just going out there and just playing
football, but I mean, obviously, I wasn’t as mobile as I usually am. But the the team helped me out,
step by step double, helped me get the ball out of my hands and
the guys were making plays. Yeah, right when I got over that, I told
the trainers to just tape it up, but they wanted to look at it a little bit. So I just told them to tape it up and
I’d be fine. And they looked at it, of course,
gave me the okay, and taped it up. And I was able to get back out there.>>Is that your first time in the tent
since you’ve been [INAUDIBLE]?>>Yeah, it’s the first time
I’d ever been in the tent. It was pretty hot in that tent today,
I’ll tell you what, man.>>So I was trying to open it
back up as soon as possible. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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  1. Injured tyreek which is okay mahomes sprained ankle but still playing now that’s true tuff player look 👀 out AFC pat is coming for ya

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