Chiefs’ Frank Clark speaks about opening victory

Chiefs’ Frank Clark speaks about opening victory

When you want to be a great defense
you will go through even more. That’s the best part about it.>>Look to be about 60 40 as it
relates to Jags to Chiefs fans here. How big were the [INAUDIBLE] defense, your team to see Kansas City
travel out here [INAUDIBLE]?>>60, 40, yeah, it was more Chief
fans here than Jacksonville for sure. I mean, it’s great just to see our
fans travel man and support us. We’re all the way out here in
Florida man far away from home, you know it’s just great to see our
fans come on way down here support us. And like I said, man, you look like
we look back it was a sea of red, more Chiefs fans came out in full
effect for us today and, you know, I couldn’t be more proud, you know, just
like they proud of us for getting a win. I’m proud of them for
showing up and, you know, giving us that jolt of
energy we always need.>>How much of a difference was it
when Foles went out to their offense, how much difference was it when he went
out in the back of the quarterback?>>I feel like there’s a huge
difference when you got a super bowl MVP quarterback, you know,
and Nick Foles and you got. Their whole offense revolves
around Nick Foles and you know like i said their running back. So, at the end of the day, you know, when you take Nick Foles out the game,
you know that limits things you can do. Literally by half and sure, you know,
I’m sure no one expects that you know, you know you don’t hope for that things
like that to happen in football. You don’t want things like that to happen,
but they do. But once that happened, we knew that
they were wanting to run the ball. And we knew that that’s one thing we have
to stop is you know that running back. They got a great running
back in the backfield. So at the end of the day we knew
that was one thing we had to stop. And felt like we did a good enough
job to stop that to get the w.>>Good, thank you.

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  1. I feel like defense was slow cause the weather slowed them down and gassed everyone out but I feel like they’ll get better

  2. The biggest problem with our defense? Our Offense!!! They are such a quick-strike offense the defense is getting off and on the field way too quick and they are getting gassed. Especially in a place like Jacksonville where the humidity and heat were so high.

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