Chiefs’ coach Andy Reid on Mahomes’ injury, Watkins’ outstanding performance

Chiefs’ coach Andy Reid on Mahomes’ injury, Watkins’ outstanding performance

Yeah he was good I mean, he said he’s
ankles before so basketball and so on. So he felt comfortable going, I mean I tried to keep a close eye
on it the best I could as Rick did. It didn’t look like it was
hindering him so we left him in. He loves to play so I just wanted to make
sure I kept a close eye on him there and we’ll see how he does here
when he’s done with this. But he’s a tough kid and
a competitive son of a gun, yeah. First went on you saw him
break tackles and split seams. There was no indecision after catches. He’s big and he’s fast and he’s strong. And, we’re moving him all over the place,
so he’s also smart, which helps. So, I think that combination, Adam,
is probably what contributed to that. We didn’t,
we asked him to play that zebra position. He didn’t blink at it. He said, just put me in and let me go. I’ll do my thing, and so
he plays inside, outside, everywhere. He works so hard, you pull for him. Cuz the things he’s had are things,
they were freak things. So you knew coming out of college
that talking about the best receiver, one of the best receivers I’ve
ever seen coming out of college. He was phenomenal. And this is what you saw,
what you saw today. This is a tribute to the kid,
100% to the kid. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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  1. I thought we were supposed to see a regression this year? Dude balled like that on a gimp foot. Y'all better watch out.

  2. I honestly think Andy Reid is down playing Mahomes injury. He was not mobile at all and didn't even step into throws. Also barely threw the ball downfield in the second half. A high ankle sprain can last for a while. Hope Reid is telling the truth and not trying to disguise it for the Raiders in week 2. Also Reid is right, Mahomes is a tough as they come, didn't even want the training staff to look at it, just told them to tape it up.

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