Bodyboard Backflip Explained

Bodyboard Backflip Explained

Hello everyone and welcome back. Today we
are going to be talking about the backflip. Now the bakflip is one of my favorite
moves to do. It’s really high-impact, you’re a lot of speed when you’re doing
these moves and it’s just really enjoyable to go flying backwards over
yourself. Now today we’re going to be talking about how to execute the
backflip correctly and the things you want to know when you’re gonna try these
backflips. There’s five key things that I want to talk about when executing a
backflip. First is keeping your weight forward. This will help you to drive
forward and get a lot more speed when you’re going into the maneuvers. Secondly
is to eye out the section and also get your angle that you’re going to approach
the section on. This you’re going to want to do while you’re watching all the way
from the start of the wave and focus on that section that you’re gonna want to
hit. You then need to use your head for momentum. Flicking your head back in
order to allow your body to follow the movement that your head is going to be
projecting. This will allow you to go straight back up and over. And lastly
will be to get your legs crossed. Now this is up for debate but for me
personally it’s a lot better to have your legs in that x position and really
cross tight so that your body and everything is in one tight compact little
space. This allowing the rotation to be executed a lot better and also if you
need to you can throw your legs out to slow you down just before you hit the water. So let’s get into it. When you talk about keeping your weight
forward and generating speed. This is exactly what I mean. I stalled at the top
of the way there and as I’m looking at this section I’m leaning forward to gain
speed and try to drive through these sections. At the last minute I engage the
rail, turn up to the lip and flip backwards allowing my whole body to move
at once. Next we look at this wave. From the start I’ve got my eyes
focused on that one spot that I want to hit. Then as I’m coming in here I’m
trying to draw a straight angle all the way up to the lip continually watching
that section that I want to hit. Once hitting it, that’s when you’re gonna lean
back and start to focus on your head being all the way tilted back to get
that full rotation. Next we’re going to focus on the head movements. As I’m driving through this one keeping my body really far forward, I’m gonna keep my
eyes on the section as you can see. At the last second I’m gonna start to
bottom turn and really use my head to push through this lip and fling it
straight back as faster than hard as you can. We see on this wave as I hit this
section I compact my body really tight keeping those legs really close in
behind me and as I land my hand comes off but my legs are there to stabilize
the whole move. Lastly we’re gonna put this all into one. This is leaning
forward in order to gain momentum and really I’m at that section that you’re
gonna want to hit. You’re gonna drive through keeping that angle of your board
to the lip, really getting into the section. Flipping back tilting my head
all the way back, cross legs in the shadow and landing spinning around. I really hope this has helped you guys
in some way to just explain how to backflip and what you should be doing in
the water if you want to complete this move. I’m really looking forward to
hearing from all of you guys. I’ll see you in the water soon. See you next time!

49 Comments on “Bodyboard Backflip Explained”

  1. Thanks alot for the backflip technique, i am really in need to air reverse technic, no one talks about it on YouTube, please be the first one!

  2. Why does the "x" position for your legs matter so much? Is the difference that big rather than just moving your legs up? I never cross my legs (when attempting a spin) because I always get a huge cramp.

  3. Hey Iain. What I've been struggling with (probably cos i'm out of practice) is drawing my line to hit the lip, especially on a wave like at Raglan here in NZ. Would be great if you could do a video with some tips. Cheers my bru

  4. Thanks for posting this instructional video Ian.

    Question. Could doing an el rollo be a way to start as an initial move towards doing a back flip ?

    Are there any exercises or stretches that can help with body movement ?

  5. Been a goal of mine for quite some time and now with this video coming out I'm even more amped! Good video straight to the point and plenty information. Can't wait to watch you and the fellow saffas on the apb tour!

  6. I'm 44 years old now so I reckon I'll leave it to the pro's. I'll probably sprain my back & crack a rib attempting this!

  7. Well explained Iain. Thanks. I find the video clips from different angles help me to visualise the important points. VERY helpful!

  8. I think some very minimal music in the background would be cool while you're talking. Its always quite a sudden transition from the surfing footage to talking footage. Always enjoy your vids man! Keep it up and good luck for 2019

  9. Iain I have a question I can do follow and ars going left but I can’t do rolls or ars going right any suggestions to get better at doing tricks going right?

  10. Hello, nice vidéo men! I've a question because always when i want to do a backflip I turn to the side and always i am going into a roll spin .. You know what i can to correct this?

  11. Great vid, thanks heaps. Can u please do an 'explained' on ars and how to differentiate from a backflip when landing. For backflip, you turn towards the beach but with ars you turn towards the wave… I use to be able to stick backflips and ars', but I use to cheat with ars by turning towards the beach and not completing the spin, then I retaught and now I just don't know how to turn towards the beach haha. Thanks again.

  12. About the head movement when attempting the backflip. Am I supposed to look towards the beach like the roll and then throw my head backwards or should I just hit the lip vertically and then throw my head back?

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