Hey Xtreme video, it’s Nico Richard from Tahiti On May 13th, there was the full circus at Teahupoo with the best surfers! Me and some friends we went on another spot, that we particularly like, that we want to preserve and where tow in is not really appreciated ! So lets go

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  1. The name 'Teahupo'o' loosely translates to English as “to sever the head” or "place of skulls". This is a very similar place. 😉

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  3. If you look really closely, the riders are on it for about 5 seconds before the barrel spits. Mate, the guy that got destroyed at the start of the vid has more balls than you, you'd probably only catch the white wash on the shoulder and pull off cause even that is to big for you.

  4. 2:47 if I was that surfer all ready in the barrel I would be pretty pissed at the bodyboarders who fails at dropping in front of him

  5. Sick!! Not that it matters, but I surf and watching this kind of riding sends chills down my spine. Its not the size of the boat, but the motion in the ocean 😀 Good stuff guys

  6. First, this is NOT Teahupoo… It is mentioned in the description "Too crowded at Teahupoo […] the spot Nuuroa […]". Just a hint, this is where the war of Fei-Pi took place and there's a cemetery nearby. I know, I grew up there.

    Secondly, these bodyboarders are NOT towed-in… Look at these surfers, what's wrong with their arms? Too big? Need to get towed-in? Like that guy at 2:47, he got towed-in like a pussy.

    Finally, respect the locals!

  7. just got my new body board. It is sweet. Can't wait to go south of my state( south Australia) to the beach of horse shoe bay at port Elliot. They have sweet waves there. Can't wait this jan to start off the year with some body board fun

  8. f        u                    c                       k                       that is steeeeeeep and heavy!!!!!

  9. I loved the section where you left out the stupid music and let us hear the waves and the people… That music wrecks this video. Life does not need a soundtrack.


  11. I wish everyone would learn how to pronounce Teahupo'o correctly not pronounced chopes that's for sure not even close. Surfers, bodyboarders, SUP, bodysurfers……who cares. Stop hating more like segregating. Respect all oceanmen.

  12. Nu'uroa siiick. I tried to google earth that location but nothing came up. Guess google didn't map out that place yet. Much respect for all nesians.

  13. +Jean de la chiasse when you say locals does that mean native Tahitans? Or just people that live there for a while?

  14. And So it should be: Bodyboarders Charging the Hardest of All, paddling-in on Another Hectic wave discovered by….Bodyboarders!!..Many of the world's Heaviest of waves were Discovered, and first surfed by you lads..I am a stand-up surfer myself, but have the Absolute Deepest of respect for Bodyboarders…Always Charging the Hardest, going the deepest, or venturing into waves like Teahupoo(!!!)..[ Mike Stewart surfed it for the First time Ever..!!…what a Fkn Legend!!!].."Ours", or " Cape Fear"..( Despite the so-called, [ cross-dressing?!!] " Bra" boys, and their Bullshit.. !!.)….and " The Right " in WA ( where I am from)…All Discovered and First surfed by…Bodyboarders!!!…Are among my best of friends, and I have the Utmost respect for all of ya!!!!…Go Hard, Lads!!!…And hold ya head well high…Who gives a Fuck(!!) which "surfcraft" a lad rides waves on?!!?!!!…Charging Is Charging… And from what I have Seen, Firsthand, Bodyboarders Charge, perhaps, the Hardest!!!…Respect, and keep on Charging Lads!!!…Respect for Anyone who goes hard, and like the Hawaiians, Understand that choice of surfcraft to ride waves( or " Surf") on, is Irrelevant!!..Utterly!!!… Maximum Respect for All of ya!!!….!!!

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