BEACH TENNIS – N# 2 Conoce más con Gustavo Staniscia

I am Gustavo Staniscia, talking about BEACH TENNIS, a fast sport with a combination of attack and defense. The SERVE is the stroke with which we put the ball into play and there is only one opportunity unlike other racket sports, either BADMINTON style or TENNIS style, the latter being the most used. In beach tennis the serve is FREE which means that it can be sent to any part of the other side of the court. We go up to the net to cover the space we leave. It can be Sliced, Flat or with Topspin. The RETURN is one of the Static blows where we hit or block the ball trying not to give an advantage to the opponent. With the “third or approach shot” we look to maintain the initiative of the point. One of the most characteristic strokes is the “DIRITO SPINTO” where we lift the ball from top to bottom pushing with all the body.

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