100 Comments on “Apple Engineer Playing Smartphone Video Game During Fatal Mountain View Tesla Crash”

  1. It's no ones fault but the driver. period. it's good he only killed himself and not others. it's the law Apple is completely right. the minute a car says "go ahead and sleep" you can stop driving. otherwise, please don't kill anyone else because u an idiot

  2. 1st of all who approved autopilot was safe to put into cars? Your government of course. Tesla just built and installed it.

  3. auto pilot malfunctions
    "Hmm that's odd it almost put me into that rail…"
    Next day
    *Engages Auto pilot *
    Next day…

    After you notice a problem you'd think you'd stop using it till you investigate further….

  4. Drivers are getting lazy and THEY SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE !!! Enough with these liberal ideas that it’s someone’s fault instead. If you’re the driver DRIVE DAMNIT…I got rear ended by an Asian man texting…wanted to shove that phone up his skull! If you want to text TAKE THE DAMN BUS!

  5. Here we go again; blame the driver's inattention for using AUTOMATION technologies. Why have autopilot then? Just hold the wheel and work the petals. This is clearly a biased and desperate attempt to reassure stock holders and investors at the expense of a dead man. Shameful

  6. The first thing I did was test this feature and noticed the bugs and immediately realized I needed to pay attention, its a great feature if you need to drink water or to help you for getting thru the commute but pay attention

  7. He's the first they put on the news, I see countless marks everyday on their phones driving in Palo Alto leaving from work. You pass one stop light and see countless people on the phone. To be completely honest, the police isn't strict enough enforcing the texting while driving laws here.

  8. I have no sympathy for Wong
    you’re stupid enough to play games and be distracted by your phone you have no one to blame but yourself
    you play stupid games you when stupid prizes
    I don’t think Tesla or Apple is to blame
    Maybe CA needs to enforce about phone distractions and driving

  9. Please dont blame the car are fu Ken kidding me. And blame phone haha. It's the stupid ass driver for playing game while driving and using the auto pilot. If u own a car the has auto pilot u deserve to die. I wouldn't trust that shit nor buy a car like that. It's his own fualt

  10. It's not Tesla fault it's the driver who plays games on there phone while driving when his car was shifting lanes he was playing games not paying attention on the road

  11. Entitled self made victims with no self accountability. Will they file a lawsuit on themselves for wrongful death and negligence. I'm sure that car could have been controlled if your eyes where on the road and your hands on the steering wheel.

  12. Living in the USA I noticed that people here appall the idea of being responsible and taking personal blame. I thing it’s not Tesla//Apple but the consumer of the final product. In this case, the driver.

  13. The driver is at fault and not anyone else. This unfortunate accident is a perfect example of autonomous driving being a deadly hazard. To think otherwise is foolish.

  14. Have you ever let a dumb ass know how dumb he is, and he comes back with the ole "I'm an engineer making blah blah blah a year"? This is him.

    Keep these cars coming. They help the natural selection process that other technologies has interrupted for so long.

  15. This is so very sad when you consider Elon Musk's important research work for his other companies supporting neuroscience and the use of AI. Respect to the investigators on this case, that must have been very difficult and important work as well. My condolences to Walter Wong's family, friends and co-workers. RIP

  16. It is no ones fault but the driver. The driver is ultimately the pilot in command. Thankfully he didn’t kill anyone else.

  17. Real men drive gas powered cars.
    Only these techies with no chests like Teslas.
    Another techie bites the dust?
    Good, maybe now the rest of us can afford an apartment.

  18. Can we then sue Tesla for fake advertisement? Promoting themselves as a self-driving car company that can not self-drive. As if I sell you a residencial land saying it is a commercial land “size” but you can only build a house.

  19. I have an idea…PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!!! Why would we create more convoluted laws when people should just do the right thing. Stupid games, stupid prizes.

  20. This is easily blame on Tesla🤔 Think about it why would you have "Autopilot-Feature" and you know it's not,
    100% Autopilot Accurate🤔,
    So why even have the feature.???
    Tesla this materialistic thing is false advertising for individuals who don't pay attention what the put the live in.

  21. Your first and only responsibility behind the wheel is driving
    THIS FELL (cruel) SERGEANT DEATH is strict in his arrest

  22. The ACCIDENT was the driver's fault for sure, but the battery packs caught fire and melted the driver inside… The question is would he have survived if he was in a non-EV car?

  23. KPIX CBS SF – how can a Dead Driver tell anyone that his Autopilot FAILED, this is F U D, and CBS is Guilty of trying to Manipulate the tsla Stock.

  24. He did not value human life, not even his own. I am glad he didn't claim any victims, and I am glad his careless rampage is over. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  25. A smart guy , on a smart phone , in a car that drives itself , humm , and they wonder why ? It doesnt take a mental giant to figure this out , if anyone in my family was killed by a car that drove itself , the people at Tesla wouldnt have to worry about a lawsuit , Id kill everyone at Tesla ! That is a fact !

  26. So everything fault ? Car , phone , your shoes other car that won’t move away from u, maybe or the wall that u running to ? 🤣🤣🤣

  27. Wow this really seems like fossil fuel conglomerates trying to really stick it to bet car industry. I don't know why this is even a story about Tesla and Apple when it was clearly this man's fault that he crashed and had nothing to do with his really awesome super high-tech car.

  28. Telsa is a joke, but some how morons keep buying their stock. Toyota and Honda makes more cars and make also advance cars etc.. Yet some how Tesla is worth more in stocks LOL.

  29. It is Tesla and apple ! The only time you need to take the wheel is .00003 seconds before impact . Humans are not that quick .

  30. The on board cameras allowed Sophia to see this jackass playing games on his phone when he should have been driving, so she stepped in. Proof? She pointed the car at a cement wall and floored it. Thank you AI.

  31. The driver KNEW that the Autopilot had issues in this particular stretch of freeway. So he decides the thing to do is play a video game and NOT monitor the Autopilot. The NTSB says there were NO audible warnings issued before the crash. The ONLY way that would happen is if the option was TURNED OFF in the Autopilot customization. The NTSB also said there was NO emergency braking initiated by the vehicle or driver. Either the driver disabled this option in the Autopilot Customization or the driver was pressing on the accelerator. ANYONE familiar with Autopilot KNOWS these options are driver selectable. Lastly, the feature that prohibit acceleration when an obstacle is in front of the vehicle is ALSO deselect able from the Autopilot Customization menu. IMO, these facts suggest that the driver may have intentionally crashed his vehicle.

  32. Maybe they should work on a feature that if you are driving you can't use your phone except for emergency calls. There are your rights to use a phone but there's one to many idiots driving on the road these days that can't follow the rules.

  33. The autopilot feature isn't perfect and it's still new. I don't think the driver was very smart considering his position.

  34. Their government think they've 12years old driving on the road that need to be taught what's is right or not . Stupidity at its finest

  35. I plan to buy a Tesla car & set it to auto pilot while duct taping my hands to wheel so I can sleep. Hope I will survive when I gain short fame & quick buck from Tesla. Seriously though we all need to be more responsible……….. like me

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