Allison Schmitt – USA Swimming Olympic Team 2016

Allison Schmitt – USA Swimming Olympic Team 2016

[BOOM] Hi, I’m Allison Schmitt. I grew up in Canton, Michigan. I swim for the North
Baltimore Aquatic Club. My coach coach is Bob Bowman. And I first started
swimming at nine years old. I swim because I have fun. And I love racing. I have fun racing. So all I think about is
beating the person next to me and swimming my own race. I’m very lucky to have
the parents I have. I’m a middle child of five. And they gave us
every opportunity we could have ever asked for and
were the best cheerleaders we could have asked for. They gave us every
opportunity and every chance to find our passions. So I’m very grateful to have
supportive and kind parents. I decided to start swimming
because my older sister swam. And I was a kid that wanted
to do every sport possible. At 12 years old, I was a
soccer player and swimmer. And I really loved soccer. I thought I was going
to be the next Mia Hamm. I didn’t make the team
that I wanted to make. I quit soccer and decided
to go to swim practice more. I still don’t really see the
results for another four, five years. In 2012, I made the Olympic
team and saw those goals. But I right away
put the new goals in my mind of doing
well at the Olympics and medaling at the Olympics. I remember seeing the flag
go up and thinking, wow, that’s for me. Hearing the national
anthem, looking to my right and seeing my family
cheering and crying, seeing– looking to my left and
seeing the whole Team USA cheering, that was, it was
kind of like in the moment, you didn’t really
feel like there is much around besides those
two certain groups that I saw, my teammates and
coaches and my family. [BOOM]

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  1. I'm from Michigan!! She is one of my favorite swimmers! I would be happy if I were to meet her😩😂😩🏊🏻

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