In 1936 the Nazis introduced
the Olympic Torch Relay to the world. Since then, the Olympics have
acted as a fascist trojan horse. Mascarading as an international
sporting event but benefiting the
military industrial complex, sucking bilions of taxpayer dollars
from whole cities, displacing the homeless,
criminalizing the poor, devastating the environment and
stealing indigenous lands. In 2010 the Olympic spectacle
descends upon Vancouver. But a vibrant movement has
been resisting these games. Disrupting the torch relay all over Canada. Educating the public
about this corporate sham. And organizing a massive
antiolympic mobilization. This February 10th to the 15th,
all roads lead to Vancouver. The Olympic Resistance Network
calls on all anti-capitalists, indigenous, housing rights,
labour, migrant justice, environmental, anti-war, comunity loving, anti-poverty, civil libertarian
and anti-colonial activists to come together to confront
this two week circus and the oppresion it represents. This are the following websites
for news and information about the Olympic Resistance Movement. See you in the streets!


  1. No one is asking you to be. That doesn't mean that where there is a "I think" evolve there are no factual basis for a position. I am telling you from the beginning that the housing prices is related to the subject of homelessness. If you want to attack a position, you should first try to understand what that position is. Your kind of immigration is not representative at all. It doesn't provide proof either way on the effects of the Olympics on poor people.

  2. Are you sure they are green/primitivist anarchists? That does sound strange. My movement is inherently pro-indigenous, thus incompatible with racist views.

    I still don't know who Anthony is? lol

  3. I have never lived in Vancouver, but I don't pretend that I can take my personal position to represent the stats in my own city either. There is nothing wrong in reading opinion pieces when based on facts. The fact is that you built an argument saying that the critics of the olympics don't realise that homelessness is related to housing prices, when that is not true. They are aware of that and their argument is based on that.

  4. Again, this is just not 'immigration'. This is a luxury market that has just opened up. leaving the necessities of a minority behind.

  5. Who? Did you read their website or watch their documentary, or are you just speculating? No one is denying that there are major variables involved. No one is trying the phenomenon of homelessness with that of the olympics. But there is the argument that the olympics makes it worse for poor people amongst others.

  6. I am not a socialist and this is my business you racist scum. This is everybodies business. Just because I don't live in Vancouver, doesnt mean that I don't have an opinion on what is right and wrong. I am not judging people from Vancouver, this is about a reality that goes beyond the identity of countries.

  7. I don't think you watched the same documentary I did. I don't see them speculating at all. It is all pretty much backed up by looking at the application of policies related to the olympics, and showing the consequences on particular cases.

  8. I don't know, nor did I assume he was from a different race. A white man can called another white man a racist. I called him a 'racist scum' because he was judging me on being from Portugal, therefore not important as to giving an opinion.

  9. It was just an expression. You might say that calling him a xenophobe would be technically more correct, but the problem is that you are thinking of yourself in too much regard. Portugal is not a race, but it is related to an ethnicity. Racism and xenophobia are related. You shouldn't make so much out of an expression like 'racist scum'. He was descriminative towards me.

  10. Why do people who have a friend and a girlfriend from a different race think that they cannot make racist judgments? You passed a judgment on me being from a different country. Technically, that may not make you a racist, but some kind of discriminatory scum nevertheless.

  11. Just because I come from portugal doesn't mean that I cannot have an opinion on what is happening in Vancouver. Only a person with that sort of descriminatory mentality would think that I was judging you as people from Vancouver.

  12. You are the one being a complete idiot, as some of these people who were pushed to proverty and homelessness by the Olympics were good hardworking people living in their own homes. If you are looking for idiots who judge people based on where they come from, I think you would be happy with racist people.

  13. When have I judged people from Canada? I am not entitled to be against the Olympics? You are the one who is identifying the Olympics as being something essentially canadian.

  14. What a dumb challenge. If I can't name a jew that was hurt by the holocaust, that doesn't mean that I can't aknowldge that there was an holocaust and that people were hurt. What I have been discussing with sparwood is that there is an argument that shows a relation between the luxury market on Vancouver associated with the olumpics and the effect on poor people.

  15. This was said in the context of debuking his critique towards this video, where the relation presented between nazis and modern olympics was purely symbolic.

  16. Did you read what I have just written? Apperently you don't even know what is my postion regarding this. Who is the idiot? I can tell you what i understood from the argument presented by the critics, but I don't think you understand why I have discussed that we Sparwood

  17. It is not my theory. My initial position is that what this video is presenting is not a symbolic link between the nazis and the modern olympics, as Sparwood was suggestion. Clearly this video is discussing modern olympics as having an history of facism and opression, where big bussiness and the government spend millions on a show that leaves the poor people behind.

  18. Whether their argument is right or wrong, it is still far from the suggestion that they are saying that since the nazis carried a torch, everyone who does it is a nazi.

  19. First of all, dont "one last time" me. I am not running away from your question. If you don't understand what I am saying, then we have a problem right there. I can tell you what I understand from the argument being made, which was very much relevant for the discussion I was having with Sparwood

  20. The problem regarding people being pushed into homelessness was done through landlords who were looking for the prospective of making money with their properties when the olympics came to town.

  21. Some of the people living there didn't have basic rights being looked after because the landlords wanted the people to be out. Since they are not protected by social measures, it is argued that there is an overall business that is being developed at the expense of basic rights of the people

  22. Along with this, some of those who were now homeless, or already homless, are being thrown of the city because of the enforcement of polcies designed for the city to appear clean to tourists

  23. But landords cannot, or have not, been forced to take basic care of their property. They are interested in putting their property for other purposes. Plus, the simple fact that the city is spending lots of money in luxury commodities for a private event, means that they are not spending in oter social priorities.

  24. How is it typical? Did you understand the argument of the video we are discussing? Have you followed any of the documents that concern this position? I have never claimed to be an activist on this matter. The fact is that Sparwood made a comment on which he clearly failed to intepreted the editorial decision of starting this video with the nazi torch history.

  25. Again, I do not pretend to be well informed on what is happening in Vancouver. But obviously the ill spending that they are referring to does not amount to that portion that 'was going to be spend anyway' or, otherwise, they think that i shouldn't in the first place. There is an obvious mistreatment of the position that these people having when you start with speculative arguments like that. You don't even seem to be willing to understand what is their point.

  26. Why are you telling me that for me it all boils down to to what should have been spent in social programmes? I am just trying to give a direct response to your argument regarding homeless people.

  27. I am sure they understand that home prices depend on many factors, but they have established a direct link between the cases that they have looked into. If olympics is a source for letting down on basic rights of the people, it is a case to call attention to.

  28. No such thing as a yes or no question. The money being there in their hands, when it is being spent on luxury items it falls back on people who are depend on basic needs. That doesn't mean I am arguing for them to spend them in something else. You are taking me into a false dillema fallacy of 'market or government'

  29. Regression is just your pet concept. I am sure they do understand that the problem is more complex than those two factors, in the sense that it is pretty much common sense. I assume that until I see proof otherwise. It has got nothing to do with blind faith. You sure have a nasty dishonest way to take up a discussion.

  30. I have studied Statistics too, but I would prefer to here from you on the case. I don't see how their argument on government spending is not legitimate. I find it strange that you were just a while go projecting a simple symbolic link between nazi torch and modern torch, and now you are claiming to have followed the analysis of the olympic critics.

  31. I already gave you a direct response to that question. I am sorry if I am not giving you the line you are expecting to come with a follow through.

  32. No, because your are not taking into account other factors. All that we are left with is a big vague statement that fits well in your line of though. I know what you are trying to do. I don't accept that fallacy about the government spending either ideally good or bad

  33. The point is that the critics have a legitiamente argument, about which I can't really discuss about as I don't have much information on the subject. I started this discussion by pointing out to you that the symbolic link on the torch was a week interpretation on your part

  34. sports and athletics are truly one of the most uplifting and glorious things in humans lives. Unless you guys have suggestions on how to better host an event for all the worlds best athletes to compete then don't bash the olympics. and the olympics aren't that closely connected with the nazis (the first form of olympics were done by the ancient greeks). Also if you use your head you would realize the word nazi goes hand in hand with Germany. Which is in fact a country, of course they competed.

  35. homelessness stems from drug use and/or mental illness. the problem is not the olympics. the sad thing is, homelessness is still treated like a housing problem, not a health problem as it should be. They are just too fucked up to work in most cases.

  36. You people are really sick. Why not spend all your energy helping the homeless. Share your home with them. Feed them. Take care of their needs. Let's see how long that last.

  37. You're an idiot go take an economics class.

    What about the economic stimulation the $6 billion gave us? The jobs and large public projects and renovations? The huge number of staff that are working for the actual olympics?

    $10 million? Are you fucking retarded? Obviously so. NBC is paying $800 million alone for the rights to broadcast the Olympics. CTV is paying just about the same.

    Think before you speak dumbass.

  38. You guys failed! Everyone in Vancouver loves the Olympics except for a few losers now.

    This event will go on… and your messages will be drowned out by the violent protesters.

  39. I've no problem with athletes competing in Athens every 4 years, or at a chosen permanent venue. I do have a problem when homelessness & child poverty in my province & city are trumped by greedy whims of a small cabal of slick developers who have suckered your majority who want to enjoy the festivities.
    We now officially know, thanks to the UBC's Sauder school of business, that the Games will provide no lasting economic benefit to the city. None, just like every other recent Olympic fiasco.-

  40. I watched this because I really want to understand what justifies violence on the streets of Vancouver… but I'm still stumped. Stolen native lands? Maybe, but I live in Canada because every land my forefathers ever lived in got 'stolen' by someone else. That's the way this world works. Get over it. Poverty, homelessness, etc… My city has that and we will never host the Olympics. Hitler? Puh-leeze… So what if the Germans introduced an element? It was a good idea, just like the VW beetle.

  41. when did I ever say I supported the cuts made to MY education and MY healthcare, or any other provincial program? But anyways, we're beyond the point of no reutrn now, so put up and shut up. (By the way, it's still about the athletes for me, they do deserve our respect even if you don't think so because of the olympics)

  42. A vibrant movement? Your movement is a pathetic ploy for attention. You have no respect from over 99% of the population because of the tatics you use. Get constructive not destructive!

  43. Hey! Good news, everybody. The International Olympic Committee was nominated for the 2010 Public Eye Awards. Just google: 'IOC Public Eye Awards' for their profile nomination. The Public Eye Awards seeks to select the nastiest corporate players every year.

  44. The Olympics have received 100% approval from the First Nations Governments of Canada. What ARE you protesting? What do the games have to do with the tar sands? Some people just protest ANYTHING, and the public is getting bored and sick of it.

  45. having been an employee for the healthcare system for quite some time now, riverview has been "shutting down" for about 25 years now……

  46. I'm not one for being against freedom of speech.. but if your protests didn't work and the games are already here, what's the point? You may have valid points and valid issues, but you're also encouraging the idiot protesters to follow you blindly, and start throwing things through windows…

    I wasn't for or against the games… but in my opinion… they're here…. get over it…

  47. I know that. I have the 'internets' too. However, it is not true that the info provided by the Public Eye is just ORN propaganda on a new mask. Do some research on the Public Eye Awards and the people involved. The IOC was nomitated with merit.

  48. If you're against the Olympics, you're against Canada!! You're against having pride in your community, and you're a neo fascist with too much time on your hands!! Olympic Pride people!! Have some fucking pride in our athletes and community!! It is not a sham, rather it is a once in a lifetime miracle. Stop complaining you whiners, or I'll suggest to the cops the best way to deal with protestors, a 50 cal military machine gun!!

  49. You are talking as if the Public Eye was a forum where individuals and/or organizations such as the ORN came to post grievances. Please check the criteria for inclusion/nomination and the curriculum of the people involved. You can start you research from the website.

    Now, how can I be misleading about the IOC nomination when I am inviting people to go to the page where the information is readily available? Did you do some special research? Do you believe that you have exposed me somehow?

  50. I'm 61, thank-you very much, and I feel very sorry for you. Protest all you want, no one cares any more. 🙂 The whole act has become trivial and inconvenient for everyone else. I'm a proud Canadian and plan to continue with it!! You should try it!

  51. Hopefully these commentors here supported the summer Games Olympic torch relay the same as Vancouver Games.

    The Olympics are a matter of national pride and these professional "protestors" don't stand for anything. I pay no mind whatsoever to them.

    However those who hypocritically resented the Beijing Olympics hopefully now have a better idea of what it feels like. Politcs and sport don't mix, especially when those political views are issued by thrust upon us by biased news agencies.

  52. What with the other guy calling you a consumerist? What, he doesn't consume? Is he dolphin boy that lives in the warm pacific waters off the coast of BC lol.

  53. That guy brings up a good point though. He showed his true colours. They don't care about homeless or affordable houseing, or even Native lands. All there against is Globalization and Capitalism, or even democracy for that matter.

  54. They wouldn't have to spend a billion dollars to Police this thing if you dumb asses would just stay home and let the rest of us enjoy. All the different nations of the world come together in friendly competition. If the athletes and thier countries can leave thier politics aside for 2 weeks out of every four years. Well then so can you.

  55. I don't like the police presence any more than you do. Bin Ladin kinda screwed that up for us with his 911. Oh that's right that was not Al Qadia flying those plans into the twin towers , it was CIA agents in the big government conspiracy to give reason for Americans to invade Iraqu

  56. Red white and blue ! I don't think so there 777 , I'm Canadian and pround of it. National pride? You bet! A nationalist? No way! I've seen what nationalization can do ie Hitler.

    Would I wack those adults breaking windows in downtown Vancouver with a billyclub a few times? Most likely! Would I break bones or kill babies? Of course not you f… ing idot.

  57. Again, I invited the people to take a direct look into the information that you are now revealing as exposing me somehow. So, I don't see how I could have been dishonest. I announced the sarcastic 'good news' with a link, not with a misinterpretation of the info on the link.

    I also don't understand why you insist that IOC didn't win. They were submited to a Jury. They were selected. They were made a nominee among 5 or 6.

    It is very much relevant. Think of the oscars…

  58. The truth is that at the time I posted the 'good news', I knew that they were old because they were admited in the previous month, but I didn't knew yet that the voting had ended. I found that a little later when I kept with the research. I still believe my comment was very much open about the info I was advetising. There are no special investigations here. The comment was directly about a link I was referring too. By definition, it cannot be found deceiving. The message of the PEA still stands

  59. I don't know? Are we? You keep asking me questions and telling me that things that I said are 'deceiving', I want to make sure I give a straight answer.

    If you are going with a problem of 'definition' without giving any sort of concrete argument, I am not sure what to say.

  60. I don't know? Do you have any other question besides 'are we done yet?' What part of 'you are asking questions and I am answering' didn't you understand in my last post? Really, you don't need to answer. I am only giving this response because that question seems acusatory in tone. Otherwise, I have no problems in you having the last word and I would have ended this conversation with your impression on PEA nomination.

  61. Germany might've introduced the "torch relay" but Greece is the place where the Olympics started some B.C. ago and they did it naked. But whatever…

  62. You losers are embarrassing Canada on a global scale! Go take your hippie, loser, backpacking, styles somewhere else. You should be proud that the Olympics are in Canada. If not GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY SACRED COUNTRY!

  63. The Olympics were held in NAZI Germany because they had the money facilities to host the games. It's not a facking conspiracy. Not to mention that was 1936. Get your heads out of your asses and realize this is 2010 and times have changed dramatically.

  64. What happened to the protestors exactly? Why did they pack it in so quickly? I thought they were going to 'shut down the Olympics' so that no other city would want to have them?

    What gives?

  65. proves how ignorant you are to the world…… if these people are nobodies i dont know what that makes you, i would say a little fuckin slave to the system! not educating yourself to the real ISSUES!!

  66. exactly! you depend on the very system that makes you rich, wealth is an illusion….. it doesnt give you real values! pathetic movement? lol maybe so but thats not your fault you are canadian and americans you guys don't know how to fuck shyt up like people do in europe! The "real world" only serves a system which takes money from your pockets and into the hands of multinationals and greedy capitalists!!! that is not the world i chose to be a part of, FUCK THAT!! SMASH CAPITALISM!!! (A)

  67. uneducated huh? lol your pathetic! your a poor excuse of what society is becoming these days…. self absorbed idiot who has been brainwashed into conformity, fashion and all that materialistic bullshyt!!

  68. nah thats not what i said, you want to give lessons? learn how to read,i said that in europe people would fuck the system up bad….i dont give a fuck about your houses,you may have cars,jewelries now but when you are dead all that is gone…. buy!consume! you are nothing more then an indispensable product with a bar code stuck in the matrix, fuck materialism! we hate capitalism bcause of what it's done to people in the 3rd world,environment, we are not failures if we chose to not live by it!!

  69. Ha Nothing can bring down Vancouver after such a great games!!! Fuck u losers Greatest games ever lets do it again. Best thing that has ever happened to Vancouver!!! No one can deny this (At least not anyone with half a brain.) Please leave our great city you deadbeat protesters.

  70. @SilverNrGy985 Fine don't live by Capitalism, so what the fuck are still doing here, get the fuck out of my great country you drain on society.

  71. Socialism is a revisionist idea based off of real marxism, and no Socialism has nothing to do with my basic statement of fuckin shyt up!! i'm talking about the people at the bottom who are willing to go against the system because of the oppressive state they are being put in…anti globalization movement,anti capitalists,anarchists,black blocs,workers,etc. But see this is where you are wrong

  72. Capitalism is the problem! in africa it has been a major problem because of their corrupt leaders who take money rather then help their own country flourish, in some parts of south america they've destroyed amazon forests, the environment, they've thrown out the indigenous people out of their own land which has been taken over by multinationals and private companies ,China has many factories that pollute the air and end up killing their own citizens because the air is not safe to breathe…

  73. not true at all! just look at Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn,etc these are people that have had college education and have different views of our society and the system as a whole. The reason for my english is because this is the internet and i'm trying to compress certain words on here and i don't give a fuck about grammar on here! that's besides the point!

  74. i'm not in your fuckin country !! and even if i were i would have the right to be there expressing freedom of speech just like anyone else….

  75. im only 14 and I know wats right from rong SilverNrGy985 IS RIGHT and heyy cgord13 how bout u get a brain cuz this isnt ur fukin country HAHAHA and ur the one to be sayin tat ext time u do say tat hb u put some thought into it cuz if u think tat this is ur country than u mite aswell add the word STOLEN to ur phrase okaii ……

  76. …..Wowo man I love how ppl think its THEIR country just cuz they live there it aint ur country and it aint my country + it isnt even the Goverments fukin country so I suggest they think rite and wen it comes to the olyimpic games they think about evryone and their needs not just themsleves and their so called fukin needs (aka THEIR FUKIN WANTS)

  77. ur soo stupid WTF RU BRAGGIN ABOUT IT?? Just shut ur mouth if tats all ur gonna say– O and ppl tat r against r NOT loseres they r just tryin to tell ppl wat they think and Im sure u would hv done the same shit if the Olympics was canceled HAHA THAN WHO WOULD HV BEEN LAUGHIN NOT U 🙂

  78. w.e "I BELIEVE U" but its funny how ur tellin me to learn how to spell.
    o and next time u say sumthin think be4 Im not tellin u wat to do im just showin how ppl would react to ur comment especially if ur calling them losers…….O and one last thing how bout 1st u say wat ur gonna say and than ssay BYE cuz u only say bye wen ur done talkin here ill show u how okaii PCE IM DONE TALKIN BYE 🙂

  79. ….im not exaclty one tho ………btw y did u say quote–"I wouldn;t have done what you guys did"……….I didnt do anythin okaii im just a random 14 year old teen tat is learnin about our history nd being taught to express how I feel about things and THE OLMYPICS IS A GOOD WAY 2 START CUZ IT HAS SO MANY BAD THINGS TO IT okaii…….Like the Olympics is supposed to be fun and joinin the countries to chalenge eachother but..ITS THE GOVERMENT TAT RUINS IT by givin us all this crap!

  80. o and im a teen I really dont care how im spellin on the internet as long as I can spell right in real life in case u dont know ITS CALLED MAKIN THE WORDS SHORT FROM 🙂 o and im done fightin wit u too it aint my fault or ur fault its the government <3 🙂 bye hv a nice day

  81. Why did the protesters pack it in so easily? I thought they were supposed to resist the Olympics, not stand down like a bunch of pussies.

  82. I'm proud of the people who stood up and protested prior, and during the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.
    There were many reasons to be protesting. Wish I could have attended many of them myself.

  83. f*ck all you protesters, get jobs, go back to school and get an education so you know what your talking about.

  84. Your insane, The Olympics were made in Greece and were games of peace time.
    During the Olympics no country in Greece was allowed to occupy or be at war with any other.

    Your an idiot inbreed moron.

  85. @tippmannshooter

    Yeah … great logic. People need to just "get over" colonialism.
    Got any more pearls of wisdom for people and problems you clearly can't relate to?

  86. @SirFred11

    The nazis invented a lot of the modern version of the ceremonies, like the torch run.
    Everyone who's bothered to read up knows this. You're a presumptuous windbag ain't you?

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