Alex Williams Discusses Residual Injuries from Athletic Career

I did triathlon for seven years,
and I’m currently a wrestler, and as I’ve gotten older it’s
been a lot harder to get myself back to equilibrium every
time that I practice, and so it has definitely
become an important part of my recovery to get massage
and to get into zero gravity and relax. It used to be that when
I was like 19 and 20, and running distance
every day, double digits, that I could eat a pizza
and pass out and to be fine. I do a lot of combat now,
I’m on the mat all the time. Bodies are colliding. You’re running into
each other and then running into a wall. It’s a
lot different from triathlon or other sports where
it’s like, don’t touch me. And as I’ve gotten
older in the sport it is really clear that I have
to spend a good amount of time recovering, and I try
and do that as much as I can because it’s
really important. And it keeps me from
getting injured. I sit in my Perfect Chair
as a preventative measure. It keeps me from injury
and it keeps me healthy. And it gets you back
on the mat faster.

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