23 Comments on “5 Fundamentals of Indoor Rock Climbing | Rock Climbing”

  1. I thought this was all about upper body strength, now I know, thanks to your video, that it's about static movement, straight arms, positioning with my toes, and pushing with my legs.  I like your flagging technique also, if I lose my center of gravity, that other leg will stabilize my balance, very good tips.

  2. Discription is not completeley correct, in top- roping, when you fall there is no way unless the rope is really tight, that you will just fall in place. You would fall downwards until the rope catches you. Has he not heard about gravity? : (

  3. what are their little ribbons for? they might be grades but where I climb the grades are the colours of the holds.

  4. I'm pretty short and I'm a rock climber. I can't reach som-MOST holds and If a rock that I need it very high, I have to jump.

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