10 Video Games That Changed Gaming FOREVER!

10 Video Games That Changed Gaming FOREVER!

Video games haven’t always been as we know
them, the Fancy graphics, Cinematic gameplay experiences and of course online multiplayer
we’ve become accustomed too didn’t always exist throughout video gaming history, You’re
watching gamerbrain and today we’re taking a look at the top 10 video games that changed
the industry. #10.) ET The Extra Terrestrial (Atari 2600) While this game is commonly found on top 10
lists for the worst video games of all time, ET on the Atari 2600 can be considered an
instrumental game in video game history. The game was developed in just 5 weeks by then
Atari programmer Howard Scott Warshaw, And although the game isn’t very good it remains
important to the industry. E.T. was one of the many contributing factors that lead to
the North American video game crash of 1983. The game became sort of responsible for what
many believed was the early grave of the video game industry in North America, after Atari
buried all of the unsold copies of the game in a new mexico landfill, the video game crash
quickly allowed Japan to quickly take the lead and became even more successful in the
video game industry than before. Although one company in particular would rise from
the ashes of Atari and change video games as we know them. (cut to Nintendo logo) ET
for the Atari 2600 became a cautionary tale in the industry for creating a rushed product,
or banking on a license. #9.) World Of Warcraft While the WOW series may not be every gamers
favorite, the success of World Of Warcraft can’t go unnoticed. Since it came out there
has been a ton of MMORPG’s that have attempted to cash in on the genre. But WOW will always
stand over the rest for bringing the genre into the mainstream gaming realm. WOW brought
in the old-school players of the genre who were itching to explore a new vast wilderness,
along with a whole new generation of players that were looking to. For better or worse,
WOW also helped establish the pay to play model that is popular in games today. And
the game presented a huge shift in the way companies present there games to us today. #8.) FF7 Many gamers consider this game to be one of
the greatest games on the ps1 and not only that, but one of the greatest games of all
time. FF7 sits as a fan favourite in the franchise and became a game that shifted an entire generation
of gamers that may have been unfamiliar with the JRPG genre. Prior to final fantasy 7 all
the games in the series had been released on Nintendo consoles. The decision to stick
with cartridges on the N64 forced Square enix to switch over to the rival sony console in
favour of larger storage capacity on a disc as apposed to cartridges. This presented a
giant leap in gaming in that with more storage space to work with games could be more immersive
and overall better quality than ever before. Pair that with FF7 introducing many to the
JRPG and it’s easy to see why this game cracks our list. #7.) The Last Of Us The Last of Us is the most recent game on
our list and it very clearly changed the gaming industry right before our eyes. The game shined
a light on how a great game can be defined by insanely well written characters and storylines,
because if you think about it The Last of Us is certainly just the first in a long line
of games that will focus on realistic, relatable characters in realistic worlds., That’s
not to say video game storylines were bad before this game was released, It’s just that
the game changed the way we as players look at the story and characters in a game world
for the better, while giving developers the go-ahead to give us more content within a
video game to make the experience that much greater. #6.) Metal Gear Solid (PS1) Just as the Sony Playstation was ramping in
popularity, Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear series hit the console.The intricate plot and unique
level designwere a big part of what made the game so appealing, which set the precedent
for future stealth and survival games. Metal Gear Solid made it possible for future games
like Uncharted and Max Payne to exist, and the third-person genre of gaming was truly
defined with the first 3D Metal Gear game. It was the first step in showing that games
and movies could exist in the same realm providing gamers with a truly cinematic experience within
a video game. #5.) The Sims While the Sim City series was unique in its
own right, The Sims changed expectations for video games, where there was no way to “win”
and you really couldn’t finish the game. The player did well based on how much time
they could devout to the game itself. The series created an entirely new breed of players,
and also appealed to people who may have not played a video game in the past, all of them
fascinated by the life of their Sim. While other games in the past had blurred the line
between simulation and video game in the past, The Sims was a whole different extension of
that. The sims really pushed the life simulation genre into the mainstream and There was a
real devotion, real feelings that players had for their avatars, as they often felt
like an extension of themselves. If anything the sims brought in new gamers that maybe
had never played a video game before and the series is really something everyone can enjoy. #4.) GTA 3 While yes GTA 5 was an amazing video game
in itself, If it wasn’t for its older brother GTA 3 then we wouldn’t be where we are today
in the open world genre. As the player you were dropped in the rough and crime-ridden
streets of Liberty City, Grand Theft Auto III put you into the role of a thug that used
the city as his own playground of violence. At the time GTA 3 It was a huge open-world
experience, where the player was left to do what they wanted and was free to cause as
trouble as they wanted. Much like Super Mario on the Nintendo 64 before it, Rockstar North
took a game that had traditionally been in one perspective and turned that on its head.
The top-down perspective was replaced with a gigantic 3D world which was yours to explore,
and little did us gamers know that we were about the experience the open-world revolution
that was going on in gaming within the years to come. Before GTA III, open-world games
were hit or miss and this one definitely set the standard for open world games as we know
them. #3.) Wolfenstein 3D ID Software’s Wolfenstein series hit the pc
scene in 1992 like a ton of bricks and is considered by most games as being the orignator
of FPS games. This PC game, featured an American soldier in his attempt to escape a Nazi prison
filled with enemy fighters, crazed dogs, and who could forget the weird biomechanical Hitler,
Wolfenstein 3D pioneered the formula for many of the first person shooters we see today
and heavily influenced later games like doom and the call of duty series. #2.) Super Mario 64 In 1996, video games were at a weird point
where graphics were progressing and moving away from the traditional 2D style, But developers
weren’t quite sure weather to dive head first into 3D gamin or just dip their toes
into the water. Many hadn’t quite perfected the formula that is until Nintendo came along
with Mario 64.  It did for the genre what super Mario bros on the NES did for 2D platforming,
making it a necessary entry on our list because without it we wouldn’t see the analog control,
polished camera systems, and 3D characters that we see today. If it wasn’t for Super
Mario 64 we wouldn’t see future games like banjo kazoie, ratchet and clank and so so
many more. #1.) Super Mario Bros (NES)
If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few decades then maybe you haven’t
seen or played super Mario bros, which was nintendo’s classic side scroller that made
the Nintendo Entertainment system a must have console and the game showed that video games
at home could be more than just a paddle and a ball going back and forth for eternity.
This game really set the standard for not only platformers but all video games to come
after it, but it’s industry impact doesn’t stop there, The idea of cartoony mascots full
of attitude (very 90’s I know) took over the gaming scene at the time and inspired
many of the characters we see in gaming today. This game goes down as my pick for the single
most influential game out there and really gave gaming the kickstart it needed to become
mainstream. Alright guys and there you have it, 10 video
games that changed the industry forever, I know some games are missing off this list
but it was difficult to narrow it down to just 10, let me know if there is any other
games you’d have included down in the comments below. Also guys if you haven’t already
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  2. Halo, halo was the game to give us limited ammo that's why we have limited ammo and not infinite ammo or else madness would happen

  3. Grand Theft Auto 3? I would say that if it wasn't for the game Driver and Driver 2 then there wouldn't be that open world that Grand Theft Auto 3 had. Driver 2 especially did it with the cities it had and the ability to leave the car and steal other cars and it came out a year before Grand Theft Auto 3. GTA 3 expanded on the idea but Driver and Driver 2 helped.

  4. Everquest was the first real paid MMO not Wow. Minecraft not on the list? This game is the reason we have voxel games like 7 days to die and many more.

  5. No, not World of Warcraft. Everquest was HUGE and WoW was borrowed far too much from EQ to be on a list like this and it's popularity was partially a result of EQ2 being too demanding on hardware to attract a larger audience. To credit WoW for revolutionizing gaming would be like crediting "Counter Strike" rather than "Half Life" for revolutionizing the multiplayer FPS genre.

  6. Minecraft is the reason we have like 800 minecraft youtubers and over 50000 kids with minecraft profile picture. ALSO, popularity in my school is determined by who can build the best minecraft building

  7. Your video was enjoyable and you chose some excellent games in your list and explained your reasoning for their importance, and I can't fault you on a single one. They were all extremely important games in the industry. However, I have to stand up for my boi Half-Life.

    Half-Life revolutionized the FPS genre after the genre appeared to stagnate and become stale. Wolfenstein 3D may have brought the genre to the forefront of gaming, but Half-Life reinvigorated and popularized the genre. I implore you to make a video on the history of Half-Life alone, you might find some interesting stuff.

    Thanks for the quality content, I'll continue to look forward to your videos.

  8. Really? World of Warcraft and not Everquest? I've played both games (and still do) since launch, but WoW was not the game that changed gaming forever. Everquest is. This is highly disappointing seeming as how you are normally well in tuned with older games.

    Quake series?


    This list is extremely disappointing.

  9. How is not a single Legend of Zelda game not on this list Ocarina of time made a great story also it's kinda unfair that mario poped up twice but I like everything on this list

  10. I don't think that the last of us changed much of anything. Yeah it had a great story, but devs couldn't care less. More than ever are already established Games being given ok at best sequels.

  11. Wow these games must be like 200 years old ha grandma do you remember this first game grandma:ooowwwww yes sunny yes that piece of shit was my first game it sucked kid:ow okay by grandma.

  12. I was waiting to hear what you thought about Zelda but still a great countdown! Loving the channel btw. Thanks!

  13. Don't know about the industry, but the Super Mario Changed me for sure. I almost spent my childhood saving the princess ….

  14. What about Halo CE? It showed that fps games could be great on console with lots of action, and that the Xbox could handle big games

  15. I remember the first time i ever played super mario bros, it was a sitdown arcade with an upright screen and even then i thought it was an odd game to play with a joystick. At the time i did not know that the music they used in those levels (lv1-1 and lv1-2) would drive me almost insane.

  16. Uh, what about space harrier with it's frantic speed, ass-kicking music and 3D scaling effects– in 1985, as in the SAME EXACT YEAR AS SUPER MARIO BROTHERS REVOLUTIONIZED 2D GAMING!!!

  17. Pokemon should have been on this list. I'm not a huge pokemon fan, but Pokemon has been going for years, and just shows that 2D can still be as popular and modern as games like the Last Of Us.

    Also, Tell Tale should be on here (whatever their first game was). Because they introduced consequences in our actions and dialogue that made the game take a step further than that of games like the Last Of Us.

  18. The analog control was hard to get used to when it first came out. Now I have to use analog sticks. Try moving diagonally using arrow buttons.

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