10 Hottest Video Games Houses On The Property Market

10 Hottest Video Games Houses On The Property Market

Well… the housing market’s certainly gone
to hell, hasn’t it? You might think it’s all because of the
‘B’ word, but frankly, this has nothing to do with Biscuits. No, this has been happening for years, as
more people realise the best properties aren’t tied to acreage, but data…-age, data-age? Yeah, that one… It’s obvious when you think about it, Phil
and Kirsty have been telling us this for years – Location, location, location! And video game houses have provided us with
a near limitless choice of exotic postcodes to call home, covering even our most ridiculous
demands. Need a built-in Armoury? Comes as standard. Hi-tech combat simulator? No problem. A discreet annex for producing mountains of
cocai- erm, sugar, it’s sugar, ok? Look, a friend asked me to hold on to it,
it’s just sugar…and baking soda. And a small amount of meth – Hey, look,
en-suite, fancy! The point is, your home can be literally anything,
all for a fraction of the cost of real-world real estate. So, let’s put on our flashy blazer and look
at some! I’m Ben your friendly neighbourhood estate
agent from Triple Jump Residential, and these are our 10 Hottest Video Game Houses on the
Property Market. 10. Ethan’s House, Heavy Rain Our first property is slightly more traditional
in the context of the wider video game market, but make no mistake – this trendy contemporary
haven is the ideal home for any modern suburban family. The open-plan living area gives a light, airy
feel, with clear lines of sight to make it almost impossible to lose important things
like say, your keys, or one of your children. Legal disclaimer – Triple Jump Residential
are not responsible for any loss of offspring that occurs away from said property. All mishaps after purchase are the sole responsibility
of the owner and said owner’s careless parenting. Ahem – notice the distinctive integrated
units, designed by the previous owner, for a truly unique aesthetic. The spacious garden also includes a custom
treehouse, perfect for all kinds of adventuring. Best of all, this property has just recently
come on the market at a reduced price, as the previous owners are looking to offload
quickly due to some, ahh, unfortunate family circumstances. 9. Carrington Institute, Perfect Dark Having a house you can call a home is great,
but in order to pay the bills, you’ll need the perfect office space too. Which can be tricky, especially if you’re
in a very…secret agent-ey line of work, if you know what we mean… Well, the Carrington Institute may just have
everything you need. This state-of-the-art facility, complete with
beautiful skylights and faux-sci-fi interiors, offers the Perfect professional space for
spy-themed admin. There’s a combat simulation room, for honing
those karate chops; A research and development centre, complete
with gadgets and their own staff; A shooting range – err, try and keep all
rockets inside the safety zone; And even parking facilities for your helicopter
and/or hover bike. Now, before you sign the lease, there are
some caveats that we should warn you about. There’s limited lift access to the balcony
offices, and it does get a bit…busy. Sorry, would you mind not RUNNING AROUND in
the elevator please?! Some doors are just permanently locked, for
some reason. Oh, aaaand bloodthirsty aliens may kick down
your doors and start shooting indiscriminately, but that’s what the armoury’s for, right? Seriously, sign here, quickly… 8. Your Minecraft House, Minecraft Ok, so this one’s less of a ‘fixer upper’
and more of a… ‘build it yourself from scratch’-er. More work, sure, but you can make it however
you want! No restrictions, and no planning permission
required! You could get back to nature, with a hobbit-themed
dirt hut – err, maybe something a little fancier than that – AH, there we go! Or, you could go big, brash and industrial,
with a nuclear power plant! You can bring even the grandest of visions
to life, without having to deal with Kevin McCloud making sarcastic comments to camera
about being over-budget – we can STILL HEAR YOU, KEVIN! If you’re feeling generous, or maybe a little
lonely in a world populated mainly with gormless villagers and undead monsters, you can build
a neighbourhood, a district, even an entire city, if the mood strikes. Base it on a real-life metropolis like London,
or LA, or even Stoke on Trent, famous fictional cities like King’s Landing and Stoke on
Trent, or even locations from other video games, like Bioshock’s Colombia or the Witcher’s
Novigrad or Stoke on Trent… anything’s possible! And it’s easier than ever too, with our
deluxe creative mode package, to make all thi- oh, you… can’t afford the deposit… Ahh…well, here’s a pick and a shovel. Good luck! 7. The Normandy, Mass Effect This is no run of the mill motorhome – in
fact, you won’t have to set foot in another hellish caravan park ever again, as the SSV
Normandy has the rather handy benefit of being a Spaceship that can travel the universe,
with advanced FTL navigation and stealth running capabilities. So if the weather’s a bit grey in the Historic
Town on the River Trent, you can always up sticks and head to the warm, radioactive ash-lands
of Tuchanka – the local wildlife is rather active this time of year, too, which is nice. The ship itself is surprisingly spacious –pun
kind of intended –with the latest model including a luxurious captain’s quarters
featuring dynamic surround sound, a fish tank, and displays for avid model collectors. No need to fret about your driving license
either, as the resident pilot, Joker, also comes with the ship. Mainly because we couldn’t pry him away
from the highly advanced ship AI, EDI – it’s an… unusual relationship, best not to ask… 6. Your House, Animal Crossing Compared to our previous candidates, this
property may seem a bit small and basic – Wait, no, that’s not the right- where’s our
Estate Agent Thesaurus… Ah, yes, “Cosy”, and “Rustic”, is
what we meant… But that’s the inherent charm of living
in a town populated with talking anthropomorphic animals – everything is quaint, and relaxing,
and jolly. It even makes the local crook, Tom Nook, bearable
– see, he can’t possibly be a ruthless loan shark when he’s actually a weird racoon
thing, right? Your town in Animal Crossing is very much
your Escape to the Country option, letting you live The Good Life, like that famous show
– err, Lost. Well, that’s our TV reference quota filled
for today… You can decorate your home to your exact tastes,
with a staggering number of options. Oh look, a TV that looks like an apple, huh… But everything needs to be earned through
hard work. You’ll even have to build the house yourself,
starting with just a tiny tent! Wait, we mean, erm, conveniently-sized tent… You know what, this is the last time we take
a commission from Tom Nook… 5. Link’s Oasis, Zelda: Wind Waker Given that we have about 7 thousand different
versions of Hyrule in our database, most of Link’s Houses are disappointingly similar
shades of treehouse –but the tropical archipelagos in Wind Waker provide something different,
with not one but TWO island getaways! Nothing says ‘starting out on an epic adventure’
quite like this modest abode on Outset Island, colloquially known by the locals as ‘Grandma’s
House’. It has all your standard amenities – open
fireplace, indoor ladder, legendary shield descended from the Hero of Time … and obviously,
the location itself. The only thing better than an island house,
is your OWN personal island. You’ll have to jump through some hoops to
acquire the Cabana deed to this Private Oasis – bringing tatty jewellery to a crazy teacher
lady, mostly – but it’s worth it. The calming waterfall and beautiful views
from the lounging area will make you forget all about the pressures of saving the world,
and inside, you’ve got a small but cosy setup, with vanity bathtub, priceless Ming
vases, and, err, tile puzzles… All protected by your own personal door-man. Yeah, we literally mean a door, that’s also
a man. The only downside is a [under breath] slight
undead infestation in the basement… But – island paradise! 4. Lakeview manor, Skyrim We’ve seen some truly remarkable properties
on the Tamriel market, not least from Morrowind, where aTelvanni wizard’s tower made from
a giant mushroom, is par for the course. But Skyrim’s Hearthfire expansion gave budding
property developers 3 new plots of land to work with – unless you wanted to outsource
to friendly housecarls who are SWORN TO CARRY YOUR BURDENS, of course. Now, Windstad Manor comes with a useful fishery,
but the windchill is a nightmare; and Heljarchen Hall has a mill for making flour, if you don’t
mind freezing to death. Lakeview Manor, however, is free real estate. Situated in the milder climates of Falkreath
Hold, overlooking Lake Ilinalta to the North, this idyllic spot is great for rest and reflection,
in between dragon attacks. Or wolf attacks. Or bandits, ok, the area’s a bit dangerous,
and you should probably ignore that weird cultist guy that’s always hanging out down
the hill. At least the interior, once upgraded, offers
some safety and utility, with optional extras like an armoury, to store all your definitely
stolen loot; a library and enchanting tower, for you spell-book hoarding NERDS; or even
a greenhouse, if you’re a staunch pacifist that enjoys picking flowers instead of fights. 3. Hound Pits Pub, Dishonoured Who doesn’t love a good converted pub? It’s run down, it’s in a plague-ridden
part of town, the regulars are all nutjobs – and we think it’s perfect. This delightful pub hub is your respite from
all the mechanical hustle and bustle of mainstream Dunwall, and a perfect get away from its more
unsavoury aspects of xenophobia, class division and lanky carnival robots. Everyone’s equally welcome, at the Hound
Pits Pub, from eccentric mask-makers to political conspirators (most staff members are very
discreet, and the drinks are almost never poisoned). This 300-year-old listed building retains
the old town’s architectural character, with its distinct, Victorian/Gothic/‘Ye
Olde Worlde’ features. What other property includes a brewery, wine
cellar, workshop, and nearby facilities for housing estranged royal children? Of course, the interior needs some work, especially
the sparse living quarters, but it’s ideal for anyone looking to keep a low profile after,
shall we say, a heavy night at the masquerade ball in town – which, by the way, is just
a short, scenic boat trip away. All in all, a fine establishment in a very
up and coming part of town! Just, make sure you put rat traps down… 2. Villa Auditore, Assassin’s Creed 2 For anyone who enjoys semi-accurate history,
wearing conspicuous hoods and traipsing about on rooftops, the Villa Auditore might just
be the dream home for you. While it’s another ‘fixer-upper’, it’s
also an incredible opportunity to have your very own luxury Italian mansion, overlooking
the beautiful town of 15th Century Monteriggioni. Despite all these rumours about, hah, a local
‘Secret Guild of Assassin’s’ – can you imagine? – Monteriggioni is a sleepy, tranquil town,
that stays fairly true to its real-life counterpart, while the villa itself is modelled on the
Villa Di Maiano, situated near Florence. And with a few thousand florins and a new
lick of paint, this virtual Villa will really look the business. The grand staircase leading up to the property,
the lavish entry hall with polished marble floor and archways, the vast library – which
even comes with a scale model of the town… Everything here gives an aura of importance
and extravagance. You also have a sizeable armoury, great for
displaying pretend weapons from a definitely made-up order of trained killers…and a lovely
gallery to peruse your priceless collection of renaissance drawings! And there’s a sizeable basement, with absolutely
no secret switches or hidden treasures, stop asking, ok? 1. Croft Manor, Tomb Raider What’s the point in risking your life in
old ruins, fighting mercenaries, wild animals, and dinosaurs, so you can nab all manner of
valuable and possibly cursed relics…if you can’t enjoy a bit of down time in a lavish
mansion? If you, too, feel like you’ve earned yourself
a country retreat, then step inside the legendary Croft Manor. Lara Croft’s home of choice when she’s
not desecrating ancient graves, is the video game equivalent of Bruce Wayne’s iconic
digs, going through plenty of renovations over the years. Short of an actual bat cave, this luxurious
stately home has everything. Numerous training rooms, obstacle courses,
firing ranges and even a race track, are here to keep your skills sharp. No self-respecting Manor house is complete
without a hedge maze, of course, along with a healthy dose of hidden doors behind dusty
bookcases. And a billion other secrets and treasures,
because the previous owner liked to bring her work home, apparently. Remarkably, for an older property, there’s
not really a single problem we can think of – Oh, no, it’s that creepy stalker butler,
we thought he left – ok, not to worry, we have a contingency plan. Let’s have a look at the freezer, shall
we? That’s it, walk right in…
…and contained! And there we are, some of the most desirable
homes that video games have to offer, but by no means exhaustive! Let us know your favourite prospects on the
digital property market in the comments below, or give us a call – our rates are very reasonable! You can follow TripleJump on Twitter here,
and while you’re at it, why not support the things you enjoy by having a look at our
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  1. What about the villa Geralt is given in the DLC of Witcher 3? That place has a nice garden, a room for crafting potions, obnoxious servants, the works.

  2. Skies of Arcadia – Crescent Isle, a desert island that's turned into an awesome village complete with an underground base for your ship and your loot, and there's even 2 builders on your crew that give you different renovation options and almost everything is upgradable throughout the game

  3. How dare you forget Great Inagua from Assassins Creed Black Flag, Who wouldn't want to live on their own island in the Bahamas.

  4. The Finch House from What Remains of Edith Finch – so many rooms! Yeah some of them are closed, but with that sordid back story it's so affordable! Did I say sordid? I meant colourful. Yes. Colourful. It's got character!

  5. I always wanted the Normandy. Then Laras. Granted the up keep on a mansion is way to much for me. Of course maintaining an FTL ship is more costly I'd imagine.

  6. What is Stoke on Trent? Been here since "name redacted" days and still don't know what it is. Sounds like its a city next to a river. But why is it a joke?

  7. While considerably smaller I mean quainter than these other homes are the various dormitories of the Black Mesa Research Facility. While your exact living quarters may be a bit compact and sparse, being on the same grounds of the top applied science company in the world is worth a lot.

  8. Back in the days of Ultima Online, you could actually buy a house (or hell, even a castle if you had enough dough) and build it anywhere in the game world outside of town or a dungeon, provided there were no obstacles in the way. You'd get a key to it, you could decorate it, put forges and anvils in it so you could make your own equipment there, you could sell stuff out of it by hiring a merchant NPC to work for you, I could go on. Some players made their own unofficial towns. If you weren't careful, thieves could sneak in and rob you blind (or just kill you and take the house key). A conveniently placed house (e.g. in Stoke-on-Trent) would sell for hundreds of dollars on Ebay. Still sounds cool to me today; at the time it was mind-blowing.

  9. Based on how Ben and Peter love ridiculous sounding segments in games and seeing Heavy Rain popping up, I would have loved to have been a fly on a wall when either one of them found the infamous "X to Jason/Shaun" sections. Could see them walking round the mall for hours spamming it and laughing away. 🤣

  10. Glad Link's Oasis made the list. I waited until the absolute least minute to actually do the necessary stuff to get it when I was finishing Windwaker and I thought it was nice. Though that slight undead infestation needs to get taken care of.. kinda wondering why there were corpses underneath the house 🤔

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