­čĆůSlaven Dizdarevi─ç / TIQ 2 Sports – athletics ­čĆć

­čĆůSlaven Dizdarevi─ç / TIQ 2 Sports – athletics ­čĆć

My name is Slaven Dizdarević, I was born in Sarajevo and I’m an olympian, who competed in 2008 in Beijing as a decathlete. At the moment I live in Lausanne and I work as a coach with adults and kids. I did sports for 20 years, so everything I say is from my own personal point of view, it’s a learning platform and you learn a lot about yourself. As Olympic values they say you are learning respect, friendship and excellence. It’s a game, you play, you face yourself and others and that’s why it’s important. When you combine school, that means education, and sports together, it brings better results in both. I have a degree in economics, I did a postgraduate and at the same time I was doing sports on a higher level. You forget about school when you do sports, you forget about sports when you are in school. So you have a time to not think about one thing all the time and apparently you get better in both.

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  1. …very good athlete, but better person…I would like my children to learn from him human values…

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