[試騎] Ducati Scrambler 1100 Sport

[試騎] Ducati Scrambler 1100 Sport

Hello everyone this is 13N I’m going to test ride Scrambler 1100 Sport it feels a lot wider than the 800c.c. scrambler start up OKAY this is a 1100 Sport equipped with the best feature of all the scramblers top spec suspension from Ohlins demo ride leader is also riding a 1100 twin tail pipe This is the largest Scrambler under the Scrambler brand. The engine came from a previous Monster (1100 EVO) redesigned from it Although this is the biggest one the horsepower output actually is not as you imagined being a liter bike doesn’t mean it’s got much more hp That horsepower output is at about 85 horsepower max torque comes out after 4000 rpm after 2nd gear and 4000rpm yup, torque is down there comes out early The dash looks similar to the 800c.c. ones But this speedometer panel is new This is the only Scrambler with traction control Of course, it’s got ride mode. Three different ride mode we are in Active right noㄊ it has City, Active and Journey I recall I know that City is the weakest. city mode has lower horsepower whereas the others are full horsepower Haha L-twin sounds awesome from factory Many people may not know back in 1960s, Ducati released a series of Scrambler bikes Of course, those were real scramblers street bikes turned into off road machine for dirt riding at that time, they had 3 bikes and now with this 1100 one it completes the tradition of 3 model line up 400c.c. 800c.c. and this 1100c.c. they used to be 250, 350, 450 back in the 1960s sport model with Ohlins suspension feels quite firm obviously a more sporty ride definitely not the dirt bike scrambler feeling a sporty street bike indeed like I mentioned before Scrambler has now become A sub brand of Ducati so the bikes under scrambler brand are mostly not designed to be real scramblers as I said earlier, this bike has ride modes and traction control no quick shifter though so tingling near high rev haha vibration coming all the way from foot pegs to the handlebar my direct feeling is that this is a 800c.c. scrambler on steroid a muscle scrambler looks like it redlines at around 8000rpm Yellow light? it has shift indicator the red led that’s flashing this flashing red light is like a stop sign after 8000rpm the power isn’t that crazy it’s not even over 100hp a lot of liter street bike especially the sporty ones have crazy amount of horsepower at low rpm this bike gives you plenty of power so when you want to up the pace just take some time to know about the bike, and it’d be fine testing turning radius here. not bad quick to steer The brakes are very good to modulate so I pushed a bit on the straight but the power when riding regularly i think the sweet spot is at 4000~5000rpm when you go too high of rpm all the way to the top it’s kind of flat the torque output is best at the lower rpm The most fun braking feels great, but not that sharp A lot of bikes about this clutch it’s haydraulic very easy to modulate I believe it is very different from many old Ducati. my friend used to tell me a lot about old Ducati’s especially the ones with dry clutch. gives you hand cramps at first, the fuel tank feels big but after a while I am feeling used to it it isn’t like the other scrambler where the decorative pieces on the tank would hit your thigh and that it is hard to grip in fact, it’s smooth on the part close to thigh of course if you ride more aggressively you might consider getting an anti-slip pad most people wouldn’t squeeze their legs onto the gas tank of a scrambler Is there a need to choose the 1100 Scrambler? 800 Scrambler like Desert Sled is my favorite I think Desert Sled is the true scrambler Then I think Ducati actually separated this bike model besides greater power larger torque well, not that big of a difference The most distinguished features are its riding mode traction control ABS Cornering ABS False neutral every of my Ducati test ride gets false neutral incident actually, last scrambler test ride went okay. no false neutral there I wanted to get into 3rd gear Ok, after all, this bike may not be fast, but it’s a great looking bike comparing agains its smaller scrambler, it is more powerful Torque part especially with Sport model and Ohlin Suspension the characteristic of this engine frankly, it is not a ride fast bike if you want a fast bike more sporty there are better choices out there but if you want that looks as wild and cool as this one there aren’t many like this as for competitors BMW rNineT scrambler Triumph’s Scrambler. I think they’ve got a big one a real scrambler style bike that can go off road I feel so tempted to rev. sounds so awesome Not as light as 800c.c. The bike is quite heavy but it rides smoothly some bikes are like this feels awesome to ride Okay that’s it for the test ride see you next time, thanks folks!

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  1. 十三大大我有个疑问呀。你之前骑的WR250有abs吗?如果没有abs的情况下你遇到过多少次真正的“危险刹车”啊,有很多我喜欢的youngtimer和oldtimer,但是没有abs,我在驾校用的车是有abs的bmw g650gs,没有abs会有什么样的后果呀…感谢十三大大一直以来的视频哦🥳🥳

  2. 13N 你好,我也在南湾 今年开始骑车 ,看了你很多视频 都很喜欢,不知道是否有机会可以一起骑车 或者 去track day,也希望住在附近有共同爱好的朋友一起约起来哈 =)

  3. 七月份提的这款车,上高速没有挡风镜头都要被风吹掉了。但是还是想骑,坐在车上心情就很好。

  4. 6分17秒開始~前面教練迴轉的那個動作就是逆操舵嗎?還是單純他騎乘習慣問題?騎大車遇到一樣的路口,可以類似用他的方式轉嗎?

  5. 這種車起步不要拉轉才換擋,應該在最大扭力的轉速換擋,加速最順最快,直到最後兩個檔位才拉轉發揮最大馬力;大油箱也適合輕夾。以上在在都很像我騎的Moto Guzzi.軸傳動~其實也就是像四輪的轎跑車操駕法。

  6. Hi 13N~
    我有在你的ig上留言 可是我想你訊息應該很多 所以沒看到 之前看你的影片發現你現在正在加州生活 我下個月要去加州遊學一年 想請問你一些加州的交通問題
    請問我在台灣有汽車跟重型機車駕照 也有換成國際駕照 但是我聽說加州不承認國際駕照 可是可以使用台灣駕照正本加國際駕照 想請問正本駕照加國際駕照可以使用多久呢?還是要去考當地駕照比較好呢?另外 我在加州也可以騎車嗎?還是也得另外考機車駕照之類的呢?
    不好意思問題很多 第一次離開台灣 很多事還不懂 謝謝你的耐心☺️

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