Мальорка – Атлетик Бильбао 0:0 прогноз|13.09.2019|Mallorca – Athletic Bilbao 0:0

Мальорка – Атлетик Бильбао 0:0 прогноз|13.09.2019|Mallorca – Athletic Bilbao 0:0

hello to all fans of the spanish la league finally ended the games of national teams and you can begin to analyze the games of club Mallorca in the 4th round takes athletic from bilbao and let’s remember how the teams spent the last 3 rounds athletic has not lost this season yet The team spent 2 games at home against Barcelona and Real Sociedad beating and away 1: 1 with getafe Mallorca in last games cannot score the team seems to have started the season pretty well Beat Eibar 2: 1 but then in the game sosiedad lost it was the same with valencia you can still note while playing national team games, the teams spent on a friendly game athletic defeated toulouse and Mallorca with Poblence lost 2: 0 but do not focus on this it’s friendly games let’s turn to the last game let’s see what scheme the teams played look at what Mallorca can count on game team in 4 defenders and 4 midfielders and 2 players in attack possible on this tactic judge that team in a game with athletic unlikely to be able to count on a goal let’s move on to athletics bilbao team uses a fan circuit flank footballers when attacking create an advantage in attack during defense, they also sit down and help the edges this circuit is more interesting and I want to mention forward Williams bombardier if you reason about what to put Athletic Bilbao this season did not miss more than 1 goal missed only from getafe Mallorca and Getafe level … unlikely the athletic will be able to miss more more than 1 ball and even the fact of Mallorca for 3 games does not score and in that row athletic club who will miss from Mallorca bid will be refunded if the Mallorca still manages to score they will score no more than 1 goal therefore the total goals of the Mallorca are less than 1 with a coefficient of 1.52 write in the comments how the match will end Like and subscribe to the channel! until

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  1. так же можно взять ставку с потенциальным возвратом фора на Бильбао (0) за 1.58-1.60

  2. Мальорка очень жестко атаковала Валенсию могла забить 2, 3 гола. Там и перекладина, и в пустые ворота мяч не попал, играют дома могут 2 легко забить. Счет 2:2.

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