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The Ericeira Hostel Spa is located at the centre of Ericeira’s Village that is 45km away from Lisbon International Airport. It’s a small fishing village that was awarded as World’s Surf Reserve that is we are in the centre of several surf’ spots where are lots of national and international championships.


It’s one of the world best hostels and it’s inspired by the energy of Ericeira, by Ericeira’s beaches and by the surf that we can practice on it. It’s a mix of emotions and sensations that we can feel since the moment that we walk by the door until de moment that we leave. This Hostel it’s perfectly situated near the sea just as much as near the city centre where you can find everything you need like typical restaurants, surf shops, cozy bars and traditional grocery stores. Here we offer you everything you will need either for some vacations to relax or for a few days Surfing in one of the world's best surf spots.


The Ericeira Hostel Spa is one of the Ericeira’s oldest Hostels, it’s open since 2011. In 2015 it has suffered a restructuring with the goal of becoming a more welcoming hostel where guests can enjoy a range of services and where they can relax. We have available 3 double rooms with private bathroom and 2 dormitories with 3 beds each and a shared bathroom. Each one of the rooms have the name of one of the waves awarded by the Mundial Surf Reserve: Coxos, Ribeira D’Ilhas, Reef and São Lourenço, and the other two of the seven waves, one is represented on the living room (Futuro) and the other one is at the spa room (Cave). We have an inside terrace with a Jacuzzi where you can relax and a living room with a fantastic view, which gives the feeling that we are on the sea!



The Wi-Fi is free and we even have a typical Portuguese Restaurant, where both decor and food takes us back to the old culture of our country, it’s called "Tasca da Boa Viagem".


Ericeira onde o mar é mais azul” (Ericeira where the sea is bluer) is the slogan of this fishing village located northwest of Lisbon. The sea and the beaches are its biggest attraction either for fishermen who live here, but also for the surf lovers who come from all over the world just to be able to surf here. Besides the beaches the area has to offer its visitors a warm hospitality and a pleasant and typical cuisine based on fish and shellfish harvested by local fishermen. But to know Ericeira nothing better than to visit and discover for yourselves the real magic here present. If you want to walk, sunbathe or surf the best waves in the country this is the right place for you! 


Here we value the power of friendship and fellowship. Each guest who enters in by the door is for us one more friend who we took for life. For this reason we built Ericeira Hostel Spa in a way that the friendship never ends, there can only create new ones and solidify the existing ones.